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Can Dessert Be Prepared Using Natural Sweeteners?



Can Dessert Be Prepared Using Natural Sweeteners

Many people especially children are more fond of desserts. They get attracted to their taste from sweetener, their decoration and tend to consume more of them. But, we have to be sure of the ingredients that are used to prepare the dessert. One such ingredient which has to be taken seriously is refined sugar. As we all know, refined sugar causes many side effects to our body. We indeed need sugar for our body, but it should be minimal level. In desserts, we can use natural sweeteners other than refined sugar which gives the same taste. Many people are fond of desserts and don’t think about the side effects they are prone to using refined sugar.

So, to keep the hearts of people we can use natural sweetener as a dietary alternative to refined sugar. They will make the taste-enhancing and give a wonderful flavor to your dessert.

Advantages of taking natural sweeteners

Besides, taste-enhancing and giving flavor to your dessert, natural sweetener have other perks for proper body functioning. They also help you with reconnecting with the real relish of ingredients. Some of the available natural sweetener include maple syrup, agave syrup, honey, coconut sugar, and dates. These alternatives also provide food with the expected quality.

Add Flavors

Substituting sugar with honey or any other natural sweetener can add enormous flavor to the dessert. Since sugar has no real flavor, using alternatives can give richness and buttery taste to the food. Also, they have more nutritional value because of the presence of minerals and antioxidants which are absent in refined sugar. Using natural sweetener can make the food to brown quicker.

Weight Gain Controlled

Unlike refined sugars, natural sweeteners have low calorific value. This helps in the control of weight gain. So, the desserts can be made using them which will be beneficial for people who want to lose weight by taking care of their food liking’s.

Regulate blood-sugar levels

We all know that high levels of sugar in the blood lead to various types of health issues like kidney failure, blood vessel damage, diabetes, vision problems, and heart failure. To have a healthy body, we need to lessen our sugar intake. Instead of that, natural sweetener can be used which gives us the option to enjoy our desserts without increasing the blood sugar levels, unlike refined sugar.

Few natural sweeteners

HONEY: It is said that honey is one of the best natural sweetener as it has a lot of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in it. It also enhances immunity which can prevent you from any infection or allergens.

MAPLE SYRUP: This sweetener is a very good natural source of zinc and magnesium. Along with adding flavors to desserts, it is also used in baking.

COCONUT SUGAR: It acts as a source of vitamins, potassium, and iron. It has a low glycemic index and provides a steady release of sugar into the blood.

BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES: Made from sugar cane or sugar beet, it is a source of potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Because of its distinct taste, it should be used when a dish needs it.


Intake of refined sugar should be minimized for having a healthy and sound body. Without compromising with your likings, you can prefer desserts made from natural sweetener as they will have enriched flavor and taste which will be better than refined sugar.

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