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Beginners Hack:4 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Instagrammable

The goal is to make the food and the place as instagrammable as possible.



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Did you now that three-quarters of millennial and Gen Z diners snap a pic of the food they order at restaurants? And since millennials have the most spending power among all generations, restaurants are compelled to adapt to this changing consumer behavior. To keep up with these changes, American restaurants often apply for business loans for restaurants.

Millions of people take pictures of their beautifully presented food every single day and most of them upload these photos on their social media pages, particularly on Instagram. With #food being one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, it’s safe to say that food and restaurants play a huge role in social networking.

Restaurateurs saw this as an opportunity to effectively market their business and widen their reach, resulting ina new wave of IG-worthy restaurants popping up all over the world. From the location, design, theme, lighting and food presentation, every element of these restaurants are carefully thought of. The goal is to make the food and the place as instagrammable as possible.

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If you haven’t spruced up your menu and interior, now’s the best time to do so. Here are four effective ways to make your restaurant IG worthy so your customers will “do it for the ‘gram”.

1.    Garnish Like a Pro

Whether it’s a dollop of sour cream on the side or pops of chives on your mashed potatoes, garnish makes a huge difference in the dishes you serve. To make your dishes more IG-worthy, here are a few garnish tricks to liven up the items on your menu:

  • Choose the right plate for your dish. Make sure to consider the size and color of your kitchenware.
  • Add beautiful garnishes to your cocktail drinks. Instead of adding an orange wedge, you can add a little umbrella or a blood orange.
  • Use edible flowers to make your dishes more colorful and interesting.
  • Add a dash of green to your meat-based meals, like adding chives on your plate of roasted chicken.
  • Put your sauces into squeeze bottles so you can easily create nice patterns on your plate.

2.    Invite Influencers to Your American Restaurant

When it comes to Instagram marketing, you can count on the influencers to bring home the bacon. This form of marketing strategy involves paying an Instagram influencer to take photos of your food and promote your restaurant. You can identify the influencers within your area using a tool like BuzzSumo. Once you’ve found influencers, you can invite them to your restaurant. However, don’t invite influencers if you haven’t updated your space and/or enhanced your menu. You want everything to look picture perfect before influencers start sharing them with the public.

3.    Designate a Spot Where Customers Would Love to Take Pictures Of

These days, people would not mind going to destination places to have their picture taken. Restaurants with a designated corner for picture-taking is a big hit among people from every generation. For example, every Bubba Gump restaurants have a bench where you can take pictures in Forrest Gump’s shoes. If you have a Jurassic Park-themed restaurant, you can place life-sized dinosaur statues where people can take pictures of. On the other hand, if your restaurant doesn’t have a theme, you create designated picture-taking spots depending on the occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas Season, or Easter.

4.    Have a Theme for Your Restaurant

A themed restaurant is also a big hit among customers. The theme of an American restaurant can even go viral! There are endless options when it comes to choosing a theme for your restaurant. You can base it on popular movies, books, games, etc.

To help you find the best theme, make sure to define the demographics of your target market. The people you’re looking to serve will help you decide on a theme. Your theme must resonate with your audience; otherwise, it’s going to flop. Here are some of the most popular themed restaurants around the globe:

  • Toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan.
  • Dog and cat cafes in South Korea.
  • Hello Kitty restaurant in Taiwan
  • Condom-themed restaurant in Thailand
  • American Restaurant the Hard Rock Cafe

If you can’t settle for a theme, you can make your restaurant IG-worthy by improving the tone and ambiance of your space. You can make the colors on the wall stand out, hang art on the walls, or miss-and-match furniture. These are some of the things you can do to ensure that your restaurant has a comfortable and inviting ambiance.

Step Up Your Instagram Game with Business Loans for Restaurants

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As you work your way to create an IG-worthy restaurant, keep in mind that you should never compromise food taste for aesthetic food presentations. Otherwise, you’ll lose your customers in the long run. Running a restaurant is all about providing a great experience. Good food + an instagrammable space = your ticket to success.

Deciding to renovate or change your American restaurant can be expensive. It’s important to have quick access to working capital whenever you need it.

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