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Top 5 Famous Restaurants You Must Visit In Thailand

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Are you foody? Food is one of the criteria to visit different places. I understand the intensity if you’re thinking! I am also a foodie person, and this is my passion for experimenting and trying signature food of any origin.

From my experience, I share the top five famous restaurants that you should try when you go to Thailand.

Here we go!

#1 Blue Elephant

blue elephant restaurant Bangkok

A tour to Thailand is incomplete without dining at Blue Elephant restaurant. If you like royalty and want to be involved with this royalty, then don’t miss the chance!

This is the perfect Royal dining.

Let’s have a discussion about the food!

The delicious food has the ability to make you forget the taste of all the foods that you have had in the past.

Can you imagine how delicious it is!

The decoration of this restaurant is just mind-blowing!

I can say in this note that the restaurant depends on the food quality and the service. Hospitality is an ethic of this restaurant.

Blue Elephant is one of the five famous stars restaurants in Thailand. In this restaurant, you will see spicy main dishes with a glass of wine on a long table with a white-covered table.

You will dine against a white background decorated with beautiful tulip flowers.

You can try succulent deserts in this beautiful place that will make you wanna come to Thailand again.

#2 Sra Bua

Sra Bua

This is another result that you should try when you go to Thailand. I give this restaurant a second rank.

Two sisters, Kiin Kiin, run this restaurant.

Sra Bua gives you a twist on classic Thai foods. It is loaded with tropical flavors with a modern twist.

As I said, if you want to test different flavors, here it is!

The ambiance of this resultant is full of art. It is like ‘Cherry on the cake’ and is one of the most famous restaurants in Thailand.

If you are a social media person and you always share your stories and updates of your daily life, then it is a good place for you, my friend!

Go and enjoy all the modern Thai food with your loved one.

#3 Rosa’s Thai Café

Rosa’s Thai Café

If you love to spend your time with your companions and a cafe ambiance. Then don’t think much and visit Rosa’s Thai Cafe for a mesmerizing evening.

This restaurant gives you a total cafe feeling. They have excellent food and services, and without a doubt, you can share an excellent evening with your friends and family here.

This cafe serves authentic, fresh food for its guests.

The presentation of the food is absolutely eye-catching. They maintain hospitality just like a five-star restaurant.

You may think a cafe means mediocre service.


It is not true when it comes to Rosas Cafe, and your time here will be worth it.

#4 Seven Spoons

Seven Spoons

This is a vintage-style restaurant in Thailand. A restaurant for all the vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine.

Tourists who want to enjoy some veg Mediterranean delights will love this place.

Seven Spoons can give you a Bar experience from guests’ real reviews at a reasonable price.

The title of this restaurant is itself eye-catching.

This absolutely offers you hard-core vegetarian food.

Don’t worry!

Thailand gives you top veg restaurants for all my vegetarians and vegans. One of the guests said that ‘Seven Spoons’ is a ‘hidden gem’ in Thailand. It is a good place to spend time with family or friends.

The ingredients of cooking are mainly organic, and it will give you a great experience of fine dining in the capital of Thailand. I can assure you that this restaurant can surprise you with tasty food and a balanced flavor.

So, get ready to taste the best Mediterranean food!

#5 Issaya Siamese Club

Issaya Siamese Club

The main attraction of this restaurant is the garden. This is a flourishing restaurant.

It’s amazing!

Did you see the name?

Issaya is an old Thai word that refers to the rainy season.

This restaurant has greenery, which will make you feel peaceful and grounded in nature. Issaya presents itself as a club. Here you can get a unique signature dish, Thai cuisine.

They mixed traditional ingredients with progressive cooking methods. And they know how these two types of methods can be balanced to make unique and delicious food.

Issaya is also famous for its large private dining rooms where you can celebrate your special day in Thailand.

On every corner, you will see flowers with beautiful vases. It gives you a positive vibe!

Issaya has a different room for different purposes where you can celebrate your engagement party or birthday anniversaries.

Every private room is filled with different colors and furniture, and you can pick your aesthetic.

The architect who designed this restaurant did a brilliant job. Issaya gives you a greater experience with their delicious food and ambiance. This is one of the most famous restaurants in Thailand.

If you are thinking of proposing to your loved one in Thailand and love flowers and nature, you can take your lovely lady there.


Now you have the top five restaurants that are able to present a different ambiance with top delicious Thai food.

If you are interested in visiting different restaurants and trying different flavors, these are only for you. I am trying to give you the top five distinct famous restaurants in Thailand.

When you go to Thailand, please make a plan to visit there and share your experience in this comment section.

I would like to know from you which restaurant you liked the most!

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