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5 Best Organic Wines You Should Try For Any Occasion



organic wine

It’s the time of the year when shopping trolleys are filled with organic wines, cheese, meats and festive snacks galore. Shoppers dashing about to grab their last-minute Christmas presents – many of us stumped for ideas. Where to buy from, what to buy, and for whom? It’s almost Christmas, of course, and as the festivities commence, you’re sure to be looking for the best wines to stock up on to quench the thirst of your yuletide guests.

Wine is a fundamental part of Christmas, from a Christmas Eve tipple to the perfect pairings on Christmas day – but have you considered stocking up on organic wine this festive period? Organic wines are great for any occasion, not just Christmas. Think summer picnics in the park, graduation celebrations, counting in the new year, or a cozy night in – you name it. There are frequent occasions when the wine is desirable and there are many reasons why you should consider adding organic wines to your shopping list for all of these occasions.

What is organic wine?

To be classed as organic, a wine must be produced using only grapes that have grown following organic farming rules. In general terms, the growth process must exclude artificial chemicals like fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides.

There often exists a certain amount of confusion around what constitutes an organic wine because sometimes grapes that are certified as organic don’t always produce organic wine. Additives can be added after the grape growth during the production process of the wine, which makes the wine non-organic.

Organic Wine


Also, a wine can be labelled as organic if it is at least 90% organic, meaning it can still contain up to 10% of additives – which are not organic. If you are looking for an authentic organic wine, one not filled with sulfites and other chemicals, then shop for certified organic wine or ones that are 100% organic. Rules and organic certification labels will vary between countries.

Let’s take a look at some of the very best organic wines on the market today, for Christmas and any other occasion.

Pizzolato Merlot

If you’re a red wine lover – then a top-rated Merlot is a must-try. Priced reasonably at $13, this wine is bright ruby red with a violet cast.

With rich aromas of chocolate, toasted coconuts, and grilled herbs marinated with sweet peppers along with a strawberry grape liqueur – Pizzolato Merlot starts on a supple entry, moving through the palate to a dry medium to full-bodied wine with notes of apples, clay and pencil.

Pizzolato Merlot is an exceptional table wine – perfect when served over the Christmas period or for many celebrations and occasions to come.

Basa Lore Txakoli Rose

Another organic wine, this time for the Rose lovers. This wine encapsulates the history of the Basque region; the perfect wine with 600 years of expertise and style to its name.

Organic Wine


Basa Lore Txakoli presents a traditional style, offering bright tastes and smells of prickly pears, sweet strawberries, apricots and refreshing mint – alongside a little fizz. This Rose is hard to resist and comes with a reasonable price tag of just $16, making it a must-have for your next big occasion.

Pairings of sushi, oysters, and octopus will set this Rose and your taste buds alight.

Frey Vineyards Biodynamic Field Blend

With character, vintage, and an authentic representation of Frey Vineyards at the heart of the creation of this biodynamic wine, you can rest assured that this red offers a 100% organic wine made with love.

Organic Wine Source:

This red from California is farmed with nature, no pesticides added, and there is zero manipulation carried out in the cellar with only native yeast used in the fermentation process. Nothing stands between you and the organic grapes used to produce this stunning red.

With boysenberry and graphite accompanied by ripe blackberry and soft saddle leather, this wine will satiate your taste buds and leave you feeling good, (not guilty), about drinking wine over the festive period and any other occasion.

Purato Siccari Appassimento

This organic red is the perfect grab and go, often readily available at local stores whilst not comprising the organic certification. With a rich and complex structure from berry fruits, a touch of spice and incredible character to diverse fruits and a long finish, this wine heralds from three generations – and the experience shows in its exquisite taste.

An Italian red made from the Shiraz grape variety, this wine makes the perfect accompaniment to Christmas Eve mince pies, birthday celebrations or any other looming occasion. At 13.5% and purchasable around the $10 mark, it’s a must-grab.

Contevedo, Organic Cava

Perhaps you’re already dreaming ahead to longer, hotter summer days – thinking about the first BBQ of the year once Christmas is over and Spring days slowly appear. Well, we have the perfect organic wine for your next BBQ event.

Organic food


A little fizz is often a favourite, but sometimes Champagne can come with a price tag a little too heavy for some occasions. Why not consider a Cava?

Contevedo Cava could be the perfect fizz for you. Think grilled shrimps and lobster paired perfectly with this delicious sparkling wine. A dry fizz with ripe peach and 100% organic, this Cava will have your guests, (and your wallet), singing your praises!

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a festive treat to serve up alongside your turkey, a wine to gift, a beverage to ring in the New Year with, or for any other occasion throughout the year, you can rest assured that there is an organic wine for you. A wine you can drink with ease and feel good, not guilty, about your consumption. Your wines are made with compassion, with no nasty chemicals added, and everything is organic. Sit back, grab a glass and relax as you enjoy the variety of organic wines on offer in today’s market. You’ll be thankful, your guests will be thankful, and your body will be too.

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