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US Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney Returning to Washington



US Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney

US Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney

BANGKOK –  US Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney has announced that she will be leaving her post next month and returning to Washington to work at the US State Department.

Ambassador Kenney made the announcement speaking Thai in a Youtube video in which she thanked Thailand for its hospitality and professed her love for Thai food and people.

Kenney said the new ambassador will be selected and hopefully start his/her duty in Thailand next year. Meanwhile, all American affairs will be handled by Deputy Chief of Mission Patrick Murphy.

Kenney’s most memorable moment as Ambassador to Thailand was probably her public denunciation of the May 2014 military coup, for which she came under fire from coup supporters.

Besides that, she was mostly well-known and well-liked for her active social media presence, Youtube videos, and many public appearances.

Kristie Kenney began her duties as the United States Ambassador to the Royal Kingdom of Thailand on January 8, 2011.

A career senior Foreign Service officer, she served as the first female United States Ambassador to the Philippines from 2006-2010. She began her diplomatic career in 1981 and her overseas assignments have included serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador and in positions at U.S. Embassies in Jamaica, Switzerland, and Argentina.

Ambassador Kristie Kenney announces her departure next month in Thai

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