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Himiway reveals photos of new bike, speculations rife on latest features




A new bike photo revealed by Himiway shows its upcoming bike range will have new and improved features like bigger tires and an oil brake.

November 13, 2021: Talk about the latest buzz in the e-bike scene and the upcoming Himiway electric fat bikes will top the list. Ever since the esteemed fat tire e-bike manufacturer has unveiled the photo of its upcoming bike range, the e-bike industry has been bustling with speculations about the features of the upcoming Himiway models.


The latest Himiway bike range will be launched on November 24, 2021.

So, what can we expect from the upcoming Himiway bikes? Well, Himiway believes in continuous evolution and innovation and hence the e-bike scene receives premium bikes with more upgraded and advanced features every time the company launches a new range. In the light of the past trends, it can be expected that the new bikes too would follow the same tradition.


So, what does the picture reveal? Well, the first thing that comes to light while looking at the picture is bigger tires. Now, that’s certainly a commendable addition, bigger tires assure more grip for the bike on the road and hence more control. When the biker is in optimal control of the bikes, the risks of collision or fall or accidents are always less. Himiway has always been particular about upgrading the safety of the riders with each new collection and the upcoming model is no exception.

Another thing that one will find in the photo is an oil brake. As per the sources, all the bikes of the upcoming range will have oil brakes. There is an ongoing buzz that the new Himiway bikes will have upgraded hydraulic disc brakes to ensure better stopping control compared to previous bikes.


One can also see the integrated battery with the bike. Himiway had announced on its blog a few days back that it has incorporated an advanced electric battery in its upcoming bike range. The new Himiway battery guarantees the longest range in the current market, offering up till 80+ miles on a single charge. It has also been heard that the leading e-bike manufacturer has also incorporated a new motor into the latest bike range. The state-of-the-art motor assures better heat resistance and dissipation which implies higher longevity.

If we go by the information on Himiway blog, the company will be launching 3 models with the upcoming bike range. One will be all-terrain, another will be for cargo, while the other will be for mountain bikers.

What are the other improvements or features that we can expect from Himiway’s new bike range? Would it have a new saddle? Would it have a new variable speed system? Well, we don’t know about that yet as the manufacturer has not shed light on those features. But, since Himiway has always been surprised with more improved features with each new bike range, we can expect a similar state-of-the-art experience with its upcoming bikes as well.


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