Trending Gold Necklaces for Women



Gold reflects as a symbol of prosperity and purity. Necklaces are among the most popular jewellery trends this year.

Women prefer to buy gold on any auspicious occasion.

The most popular necklace designs for 2022 can be styled in any season and will transit well from spring through winter.

If you enjoy purchasing gold and have plans to buy a necklace soon, let us simplify this process for you! We are showcasing a few popular styles of simple necklace designs in gold.

1# Simple Gold Design Necklace

The elegance and purity of gold reflect beautifully in this simple necklace. This necklace can be designed in the form of a leaf, flower, or flower bud.

The chain should be slightly thicker to make the pattern stand out and give the necklace a good look.

2# Charm Necklaces

Charm necklaces are once again fashionable. The ideal approach is to pick gold charm jewellery, which is constantly in style.

The necklace can be added with distinctive trinkets and jewels.

3# Notable Nameplated Necklace

Personalisation is still on trend for 2022. Today’s women like customising their necklaces with the letter of their name.

These personalized gold necklaces remain hugely popular with celebrities and Instagram influencers. Birthstones and astrological signs are a few other ways to embrace personalized jewellery.

4# Disc-based Necklace Design

This gold necklace design is a spherical form, with disc-based models being the new collections. These patterns typically go with any dressing style and are perfect for parties or other occasions.

The disc-based necklace collection includes Sparkle Startle, Power Sequins, Formal Sequins, and A Trinket Junket for women.

These fresh designs for gold necklace sets are also absolutely straightforward.

If you choose the right outfit, these necklace designs are also appropriate for workplace wear.

5# Dainty Minimalism

These delicate necklaces, which are the reverse of big and ornate, look best when layered.

A delicate layered necklace looks fantastic, effortless, fashionable quality that any girl would like to wear.

6# Celestial Statements

An extraterrestrial aesthetic can be created with gold celestial pendants and necklaces inspired by the sun, moon, and stars.

Modern girls like to design their gold necklaces with such celestial statements.

7# Pops of Colors

This year’s gold jewellery on the runways has been vibrant, with eye-catching enamel, vivid gemstones, and round beads.

Delightful splashes of colour and texture can be added to the attire by wearing dazzling accessories, such as a coloured gemstone necklace.

At the same time, the classic pops of colors necklace would also complement workwear rings to style your fashion high.

8# Gold Lockets

Women have worn locket necklaces for decades and continue to wear them.

A wide variety of gorgeous lockets are designed with contemporary and classic charm, and girls like to wear gold lockets today.

9# Gold Chokers and Collars

Gold collars and chokers elegantly shift from dressy to casual with an aura of everyday wearability for women.

They offer effortless elegance and incredible adaptability. A brilliant gold necklace can look just as great with a formal gown.

10# Meenakari Necklace

Meenakari is a kind of Rajasthani jewellery whose gold metal’s surface has been beautifully crafted utilising enamel and a variety of hues. This pattern complements ethnic clothing and sarees wonderfully.

No festival or special occasion is complete without buying gold in some form or the other.

Choose any of the above trending simple necklace designs in gold and make your special day even more special!

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