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Music Video Review: Gotta Get Some Tissue! by Tyrone Evans Clark



Music Video Review: Gotta Get Some Tissue! by Tyrone Evans Clark

The waiting game is over for the release of Tyrone Evans Clark’s award winning music video for his controversial single Gotta Get Some Tissue! It made me think of the origins of the super bold Doja Cat’s Mooo Video that was released in 2018. I can still remember watching it on YouTube and Gotta Get Some Tissue is no different and has also broken the web with its comical message on the idea of the lack of tissue during the battle of COVID-19. Tyrone’s tissue song is funny as hell how he makes just about all of his words rhyme with the word “tissue”.

When I was staying with my friends in New York I would stay up late usually to watch for hot music videos on MTV and sometimes VH1. I was always searching for new renovating content and Tyrone’s video got my full attention. I found out later on Tyrone has been featured in MTV’s Flex on My Ex and on the VH1 Channel for Dating #NoFilter.

Gotta Get Some Tissue, is a musical cartoon animation of a caricature. of Tyrone a.k.a “The Tissue Man ” who goes on an adventure looking for tissue paper while meeting interesting characters in his made-up La-La Land.

Throughout the video there are tons of funny moments of the main character bumping into dancing tissue paper. For example, there is a scene where “The Tissue Man” burst in tears over one of his toilet paper friends being locked in jail.

This three-minutes and forty-five seconds cartoon masterpiece, which has propelled in film festivals and on social media. This eye-popping video’s budget was $70, 000 (estimated) and the logo animation that is presented in the beginning of the video was created by one of Walt Disney’s animators Rey Morano.

Memorizing personalities

Rey is known for working as an cartoon animator for The Smurfs (TV Series), Hercules (TV Series), Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (TV Series), House of Mouse, and other Disney’s Series. Max Matiash was the Music Video Cartoon Animator who gave the tissue characters some memorizing personalities.

It was very clear to me I couldn’t have the strength to break my eyes from watching Tyrone’s video. It is super imaginative to me with the stylization of characters in this cartoon world La-La Land. Maybe it was the vivid animation or the artist’s sense of humor, but whatever it was all I can do is indulge.

According to 1883 Magazine Tyrone got some negative heat from some social media intruders who weren’t cool with the idea of his music video being released to the public. I don’t see any issue with it. It’s witty and I feel this is what the world needs right now during these crucial times. Lil Nas X got ridiculed too for his music video Montero (Call Me by Your Name). Some people felt that the Montero video was Satanic and others feel it’s a video expressed from a gay man’s perspective.

Tyrone is also a member of the LGBTQA+ Community and I don’t believe he had bad attentions making his video. Gotta Get Some Tissue, is to bring light for people who just want a few laughs in. The message from Tyrone’s video may also want people to think about why we have a lack of necessities in the world like tissue paper?

We might not have enough toilet paper, but in this moment of time we all know that tissue paper will not protect you from COVID-19. The stand-up comedian Kevin Hart even mentioned this subject to his audience during one of his live shows. We are reminded every single day that this virus is nothing to play with and tissue is nice to have, but it will not shield us from the pandemic.

One of the coolest scenes is when “The Tissue Man ” twerks with the cartoon tissue characters. It’s so exciting, and silly, to have an artist of all trades in the entertainment industry who publicly identifies as gay in a judgmental world. Clever and very bold, a magical masterpiece of stimulating images.

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