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Coronavirus Increases Web Traffic to Best Guide to Online Casino Bonus



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Online casinos have become very popular over the last decade or so, and with the Coronavirus restricting our movements playing online has never seen such an increase in traffic as increased number turn online in order to get their gaming fix.

This had led to many new online casinos landing on our pages almost daily which is all well and good for the consumer although it can also prove to be somewhat confusing when trying to choose a place to play.

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use in order to find that perfect place to play, using an online casino comparison site like Best Rated Slot Sites where you will find the best online casinos with low wagering casino bonus options and comprehensive reviews on all the most important points that make a good online casino great.

Why are Low Wagering Casino Bonuses That Important?

Possibly the biggest draw to any new online casino is the welcome offer and subsequentially the other bonuses and promotional offers made to loyal players.

It might be an old marketing method to draw people through their virtual doors but why change something that has been so successful for the gambling industry, players enjoy playing and if they can use the casinos money to do so then they are more likely to return to play again.

Of course the casino does not give away its money, no business does! In order to make sure this does not happen players will usually find there are some rules and restrictions attached to all bonuses and promotional offers that need to be fulfilled before they can withdraw their winnings.

How it all Works

All the sites included in the pages of Best Rated Slot Sites have gone through an exhaustive vetting process to weed out any online casino that does not make the grade although the majority of online casino sites in the UK are pretty good there are some that stand out – these are the ones that Best Rated Slot Sites are interested in.

The wagering requirement is set in place for player to use the bonus instead of withdrawing it in cash – it’s really that simple although these requirements can and do vary.

Always stated as a multiple of the bonus amount given – say £100 – if the wagering requirement is say 30x the bonus then you would have to wager £3000 before being able to withdraw your winnings as cash.

As mentioned there are hundreds of different casino offers available in the UK, with the average casino implementing a wagering requirement of 40x – anything lower than this can thus be considered a low wagering bonus.

There are some wagering requirements attached to bonuses that are very low – say 5x the bonus amount – when this happens you will usually find that the bonus offer is significantly smaller too, its still a bonus though and might suit some players better.

New casinos for example might offer low wagering requirement to draw players in and there is nothing wrong with using a new site as long as you find them included in the pages of Best Rated Slot Sites whose team have tried and tested all the new online casinos included on their pages and found them to be true, fair, safe and secure.

In Conclusion

Best Rated Slot Sites acts as your ‘one stop shop’ for both new and existing players. Offering only the best, high-end online casinos means that you know you will be choosing wisely leaving more time for enjoying your favourite games, and you never know, it might just be your lucky day!

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