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YouTube Has Planned 5 New Features For 2022

YouTube views
YouTube views

The new features you can expect to see on YouTube in 2022 range from collaborative live streaming to enhanced shopping experiences.

YouTube has a lot planned for 2022. A blog post has been published teasing the company’s plans, which include some buzzwords you may know from other tech companies. here’s what to expect.

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YouTube Announces Plans for 2022

YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, revealed the details of what YouTube has in store for creators, viewers, and brand partners in a blog post:

Some of these projects are new, while others are improvements to existing ones. What does YouTube have planned for 2022? Here are a few of the most noteworthy plans announced today.

1. Improvements to Shorts

Similar to TikTok, YouTube Shorts have been available since March 2021. TikTok, like other social media platforms, has put pressure on YouTube to emulate its success with short-form video content.

YouTube continues to invest in and develop Shorts, morphing it into a more TikTok-like feature. You will be able to reply to individual comments on your Shorts video with a short response video.

Also, YouTube will add new effects and editing tools so you can make your Shorts content even better. You can also remix audio from YouTube videos.

2. Collaborative Live Streaming

YouTube creator collaborations are a key ingredient for success. By collaborating on live streams, creators can create interactive content for their audiences.

Partnering with other creators helps channels grow, whether they mention another creator’s channel in their video, comment on their video, or collaborate on a video. The ability to stream together will further strengthen those relationships.

In addition to this, fans and followers will be able to access more laid-back content, likely in the form of conversations, and more fun and relatable content-which will be a nice change from the more structured content that they are used to.

This will also allow creators to connect with their fans in a unique way, as they will be exposed to their audiences’ audiences.

YouTube reports that live streaming watch time tripled from January 2020 to December 2021, so the move to introduce it makes sense.

3. Web3 Opportunities to Help Deepen Creator-Fan Relationships

Youtube plans to use blockchain and NFTs to strengthen its creator-fan relationships by giving them the ability to work together on new projects and earn money in ways they were not able to in the past.

A fan can purchase exclusive content from their favorite creators, such as videos, photos, and more.

4. Creating Experiences in the Metaverse

In contrast to Apple’s direction to not follow the metaverse trend, YouTube believes in it and wants to create a more immersive viewing experience, starting with gaming.

YouTube has said little about its plans to tap into the metaverse, except that it wants to make gaming interactions feel more alive.

5. New Shopping Opportunities

YouTube plans to increase e-commerce opportunities through several channels on its platform, including shoppable videos, live shopping, and the way shopping appears on the app in general.

Currently, brands earn money from YouTube by partnering with creators, collaborating, and placing ads while a video is playing. However, YouTube is expanding its shopping options.

Users will be able to shop items their favorite creators tag in their videos, creating seamless shopping experiences for brands on YouTube.

YouTube Is Making Big Moves in 2022

YouTube plans to include projects that other technology companies are also undertaking or focusing on by 2022.

Today, blockchain technology is a much-talked-about phenomenon that is gaining more and more popularity, and one that might become more relevant as time passes. Also, short-form video is seen as the future of video content.

In focusing on these projects and more, YouTube is keeping up with the times and ensuring that it remains relevant in the coming years.

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