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Top 5 Netflix Shows Which You Must Watch



Top 5 Netflix Shows Which You Must Watch

Watching Netflix series is an excellent way to deal with these mood swings, that is why we are here with the following list of top five Netflix series which you must watch on a Chilly Night!


The show is known to lean towards the first God and Devil legend with elements of mystery and a touch of romance. This will drop your head over heels for the cetacean and examine everything as per the second approach.

In fact, you won’t have the option of stopping after just one episode and one season – it’s downright exhilarating and keeps you alert and aware.

This is the ideal opportunity to start the Lucifer binge-watch fun, especially since Lucifer Season 7 will be out sometime. You have 6 seasons to make up for a lost time, better start.

Virgin River on Netflix

This is an American romantic drama TV series. The series is created by Reel World Management by Robin Carr in the light of the books of Virgin Rivers. The very first season premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019.

On September 20th, 2021 it was confirmed by Netflix that Virgin River season 4 was going ahead, and not only that but it will also return with a Season 5. Multi-season renewals are pretty rare on Netflix but are a testament to the series’ popularity. But yes, it is clear that the series is going to come soon with season 4.

Money Heist

Recently, the 5th season of Money Heist on Netflix got the same love as the previous season. Despite the fact that the show suffered some inconveniences in its underlying years, it figured out how to broadcast when Netflix gained the show’s privileges.

It is one of the most-watched series on the planet and has fans all over the world who can often be seen singing “Bella Ciao”. You should check out the show’s past before it delivers the following part of its fifth season.

Outer Banks

Yet Outer Banks has enthralled its audience with its second season. Fans loved the main season, yet the second added increased experience and interest, which made for a surprisingly better story.

The story may sound like a youth series, and it is, although this series is for everyone. Outer Banks continue to take plenty of twists. However, there are no updates yet on what will be there in Outer Banks Season 3 but yes if the story renews then there will be lots of turns and twists.

Stranger Things on Netflix

Stranger Things has everything you really want to leave you in awe and stunned. As the name proposes, Stranger Things is full of weird things and weird episodes that, whenever tracked in reality, would be nothing more.

Despite this, the show tries to gain control of these quirks as the story progresses in a dull atmosphere. It would be a perfect treat to watch this show on a new night, hoping you’re in need of a good time. Plus, if you’re welcoming a partner to a watch party, a lovely copy will do.


It is a human tendency that we waste most of our free time thinking about the workload approaching us. So, we recommend you stop doing that and use your spare time to be happy, intrigued, and engaged. You can tune into Money Heist and Lucifer both are outstanding series of all time. Which is your favourite series, let us know in the comment section.

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