The Sandman Is A Dream Come True For Fans And Non-Fans Alike On Netflix
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The Sandman Is A Dream Come True For Fans And Non-Fans Alike On Netflix

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The Sandman

(CTN News) – Netflix’s The Sandman starts with heart-stopping moments. From the waking world of humans, we watch a beautiful raven fly into the realm of the titular Sandman (Tom Sturridge).

Light from unknown sources dazzles the grounds, creatures of nightmares and fevers coexist, an eternal library folds in on itself.

When we close our eyes, we enter this world as well. During his voiceover, the Sandman mocks humans’ assumption that dreams are innocuous: aren’t dreams shaped by what we desire and fear?

Story of ‘The Sandman’ 

It is a dark fantasy horror comic series written primarily by Neil Gaiman, who is also an executive producer and writer on the Netflix adaptation. The story revolves around a powerful being who controls dreams and nightmares and interacts with humans.

Through his journeys through history, we see him influence historical events, as well as travel to realms like Hell (a realm that only exists due to human fear). Netflix adapted Gaiman’s first two Sandman books in this first season: Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House.

The word “adaptation” almost insults the creators’ efforts. Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is perhaps the finest adaptation of fantasy literature on screen.

Besides a few changes, the book followed beat for beat, iconic frames, dialogue lines and performers’ makeup and wardrobe.

There will be a few plot points and episodes that I will not spoil.

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