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‘The Royal Treatment’ Twitter Review, Winning Hearts Stars Laura Marano

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The Royal Treatment was one of the first Over-The-Top releases of the week. New movies and shows have been flooding the various platforms over the weekend. Following its release on Netflix on Thursday, the romantic film received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Initial reactions from netizens seem to indicate that Laura Marano-Mena Massoud’s film is a hit. Audiences are already asking for a sequel. So, the film is certainly one to consider for a weekend binge-watch.

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The Royal Treatment Twitter review; netizens impressed and want a sequel

After the release of The Royal Treatment, it was often described as ‘cute’. One netizen called it a ‘comfort movie’, and others said the movie had given them just the ‘vibe’ they wanted.

Additionally, many felt that the film should get a sequel. Some even advocated a trilogy.

The plot of the film involves a hairdresser and a prince, and a Twitter user requested a sequel with the princess switching kingdoms.

It was so impressive that some netizens watched it for the second time right after watching it the first time. Right after asking ‘What?’ they watched it again. Who’s going to stop me?. Another shared a meme about watching it again, expressing excitement about doing so.

The Royal Treatment

The plot of The Royal Treatment involves Isabelle, played by Laura Marano, and Thomas, played by Mena Massoud. As a hairdresser and owner of a salon, the former is preparing for her wedding to the Prince.

The story follows the events that unfold after Isabelle gives the Prince a haircut at his palace, and the feelings they develop during the course of their personal lives.

In the role of Walter, Cameron Rhodes is among the other cast members.

Rick Jacobson directed the film. This is Holly Hester’s script. The film was shot in Dunedin, New Zealand, in February of last year.

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