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5 Things you might have Missed in the finale of House of Dragon



5 Things you might have Missed in the finale of House of Dragon

The first season of HBO’s blockbuster series has come to a tragic end. House of Dragon is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s book. It narrates the story of house Targaryen and revolves around the succession of King Viserys: will it be his acclaimed heir, “His Daughter,” or his firstborn from Alicent Hightower, “Aegon”? If you reside outside the USA, you can watch House of the Dragons on YouTube TV outside USA by using a premium VPN.

With its conclusion comes several key developments that will forever change the fate of House Targaryen and all of the seven Kingdoms in the decades to come. Along with these astonishing events comes intriguing details lurking in the background and fun trivia waiting to be figured out. Let’s look at the information nuggets you missed in episode 10 of House of Dragons.

The Token of Remembrance of Rhaenyra-Alicent Friendship

The final episode of House of the Dragon opened with Rhaenyra Targaryen learning about how Greens have installed Aegon as the King of Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. After receiving her father’s crown from Ser Erryk and being proclaimed queen by her council, Rhaenyra receives Otto Hightower and learns about the peace terms set by Aegon.

As expected, Rhaenyra refuses these terms, and everyone draws swords out before things can get out of hand. Finally, Otto gives Rhaenyra a page from a book upon which Rhaenyra orders her forces to stand down and allow Otto to leave, which comes as a moment for the council and Daemon.

The page is a callback to the first episode of House of Dragon, where Alicent and Rhaenyre are seen spending time in the Godswood. This seems like Alicent’s way of reaching out to Rhaenyra to keep the peace and prevent the Seven Kingdoms from being plunged into a blood-monging war. But as the episode progressed, that won’t be the case anymore.

The Unclaimed Dragon: Vermithor

As Aemond claims Vhagar, the Blacks are in dire need of firepower. So daemon sets out on his own to an undisclosed territory to gather more firepower. From there, the viewers can see him singing in Old Valyrian in the dungeon. Then, a dragon appears from nowhere and looks down at the Targaryen Prince. This dragon is no other than Vermithor, the old dragon of Jaehaerys Targaryen, the King before Viserys Targaryen.

According to the book Fire & Blood, Vermithor is an old dragon that was only exceeded in size by Vhagar. Although Daemon has Caraxes at this point, the potential addition of Vermithor in the clan can turn the war upside down for the Blacks due to a sheer power struggle. It remains to be seen who will claim Jaehaerys’ old dragon in the upcoming House of the Dragon season.

The House of Stark

To consolidate armies against the Greens, Jacaerys volunteers to convince different Houses in Westeros. This leads Lucerys to visit Storm’s End to secure the support of House Baratheon while Jacaerys is off first to the Vale to speak to House Arryn, then to the North for House Stark. Before the brothers depart, Rhaenyra tells his firstborn that Cregan Stark is closer to him in age and wishes they can find something in common.

Like all Starks, Cregan Stark, the Lord of Winterfell, is raised to be as honorable as possible. Jaecarys will meet him in Winterfell in future seasons, and the two will become as close as brothers. This close friendship will culminate in a Pact of Ice and Fire, an alliance based on the matrimony of Cregan’s young son Rickon Stark and Jaecaerys’s firstborn daughter.

The Mystery of Aemond’s Eye

During Lucerys’s expedition to Storm’s End, he comes across Aemond Targaryen. As it stands, Burros Baratheon sides with the Greens, thanks to Aemond’s offer to marry one of his daughters. Upon the failure of bringing House Baratheon to Rhaenyra’s side, the young prince was about to leave for Dragonstone. But, before he does, Aemond challenges him to a duel and takes revenge for his lost eye in Lord Borros’ halls, which the lord vehemently denies.

Just as things were heating up, Aemond removed the patch from his face and revealed the eye that Lucerys slashed in a previous episode. Instead of an empty socket, the viewers see a shining blue orb in place of the lost eye. While some may theorize that this is connected to something mystical such as the White Walkers, it seems that this is only a fragment of a star sapphire. The glittering gem seems to symbolize Aemond owning the loss of his eye and transforming it into a power statement.

Daemon Choking Queen Rhaenyra

Infuriated by Rhaenyra’s reluctance to lay a siege to the Red Keep, Daemon is planning to go to battle against them right away. The tension between them escalates when Daemon suddenly chokes the Queen after they argue about how to proceed with their plans to retake the Iron Throne. While many viewers would find this perplexing, the seeds of this microaggression have been planted all along.

Staying true to his character, Daemon is the embodiment of chaos. With the death of his brother blamed on Alicent Hightower and the theft of Rhaenyra’s birthright, Daemon is eager to avenge the Green in whatever way possible. So when Rhaenyra mentions her wish to maintain peace in the realm because of her oath to Viserys and Ice and fire, he chokes her as he observes Viserys’ vulnerabilities in Rhaenyra.

Shortly after, Daemon lets go and realize something about the vision, Viserys imparted to Rhaenyra. He has been a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne for a long time, but his brother never mentioned Aegon’s song of Ice and Fire to him, this leaves Daemon feeling left out, thinking that Viserys never saw him as a worthy successor.



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