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“Succession” Finale: Backstabbing Frenzy Chooses A New CEO



"Succession" Finale: Backstabbing Frenzy Chooses A New CEO

(CTN News) – The series finale of HBO’s “Succession,” now streaming on Max, contains spoilers.

It’s the end of “Succession” – the story of the Roy dynasty – after four thrilling, profane seasons. In February, the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, announced that Season 4 would be its last.

The death of patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in Episode 3 provided the engine for the rest of the season, and once again split the adult Roy siblings — Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) — who have an interest in running Waystar Royco, the family’s mega-corporation that was about to be sold to GoJo.

The deal solidified and dissipated as the three fell back into old feuds and reopened Succession childhood wounds. Shiv’s on-and-off husband Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen); his sidekick Greg (Nicholas Braun); Lukas Matsson, Lukas Matsson, and Waystar executives, including Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), Karl (David Rasche) and Frank (Peter Friedman) played chess with the siblings in a high-stakes chess game that got confusing. Logan’s oldest son Connor (Alan Ruck) stayed out of the backstabbings and frontstabbings.

There’s another important boardroom vote. If Waystar gets a majority, Matsson will take over the company (leaving the Roys in charge).

Kendall is on the back foot, while Shiv rallies his side. In the penultimate episode, after flaming out while delivering a eulogy for Logan, Roman was punched by a protester, and he’s currently recovering at their mother’s Caribbean estate. Kendall called it “fucked.”

As Shiv begins the Succession episode, he thinks she’d be Matsson’s new CEO after GoJo buys Waystar, but he soon reveals that he’s second-guessing his decision, partly because he’s attracted to her. Lukas says he wants to fuck Shiv a little bit.

Under the right circumstances, I think she’d fuck me too.” Tom is such a kiss-ass that his only response is, “We’re men.”

That’s right. Is Lukas the new frontrunner? Tex. Kendall learns this juicy piece of information from Greg, and the three siblings go back to work together against Matsson.

In a heartwarming scene, the Roy kids rally around Kendall as their new “king.” They have a late-night swim and some midnight snacks before they vote.

He even spits into a disgusting mixture they’ve put in a blender for Kendall to drink, and then they pour it over his head after he drinks some down.

As the entire family gathers one last time at Logan’s house to auction off his belongings, we get one last glimpse of Connor.

The siblings share a tender moment watching a home video of Logan singing and cracking jokes. Shiv quickly reveals to Tom that she won’t be Succession CEO (which he already knows) and that she learned the key piece of info from Greg (which Tom didn’t know).

Tom tells her that he’s Matsson’s pick for Succession CEO, and everyone gets to work. Greg gets slapped by Tom after he pulls him aside in a bathroom and asks why he betrayed him.


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