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Real Life Squid Game Coming to Netflix

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Real Life Squid Game Coming to Netflix

Netflix has given the (red light) green light to what could be the darkest reality show of all time in a real-life Squid Games competition. This contest will feature 456 contestants competing for $4.56 million, both record highs for any reality show.

Squid Game is a South Korean series released in 2021 that revolves around 456 financially strapped contestants competing for the chance to win $45.6 billion ($38 million USD). That all seems fine and good, but the price of losing is…death.

The original Squid Game series – which has been renewed for season 2 – made a political statement on how the poor are simply pawns for the elite. The wealthy would make wagers on who would be victorious and would revel in the grisly demise of the losers. There is speculation that there could even be Vegas Odds available to allow bets on the new show, but that is unclear for now.

Details Still Blurry

The Squid Game reality show is only in the casting phase right now, looking for 456 English-speaking contestants although there is no requirement that they be in financial ruins like the show. It would also seem like a legal liability if the reality show stayed true to the series and that losers had to pay with their lives.

In the Squid Game Netflix series, contestants competed in a number of popular children’s games as they try to survive (literally) and advance to the grand prize. Some of those games included red light – green light, tug of war, marbles, and dalgona where players had to use a pick to carve a shape out of honeycomb candy.

It’s not sure which, if any (or all) of the games will be included in the reality show version of Squid Game: Popular YouTube personality Mr. Beast has already done a real-life reenactment of the Squid Game challenges in a video that has recorded over 250 million views in six months so Netflix will have to come up with some originality. That’s especially true since filming on the reality show isn’t scheduled until 2023, and may not see the light of day until a full two years after the original show’s release.

Too Much Money?

It’s one thing when a contestant buzzes in late on Family Feud or gets their consonants wrong on Wheel of Fortune potentially costing them $20,000 – $30,000, but a $4.56 million stake really shakes things up a bit. If the reality show stays true to the TV series and truly is winner take all, that could really cause some long-term problems for 2nd and 3rd place finishers who were this close to life-changing money.

The show will still undoubtedly become a success and Netflix needs it right now with subscribers jumping ship at a record pace. The reality contest could also help drum up publicity for season 2 of the TV series, as the first release was the most popular in the company’s history. Take that, Tiger King.

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