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Prataap Jai Movie Night July 28th-Grave of Fireflies




Takahata's Grave of the Fireflies is just about the greatest animated picture ever made


Grave of the Fireflies is such an emotional experience that it’s difficult, nearly impossible for many, to make it through in one sitting. Take one pivotal scene, for instance. The children’s aunt is persuading Seita to give up his mother’s garments so they can be sold. Setsuko awakens to see her aunt taking the clothes, and starts screaming; she comes completely undone. Seita is struggling to hold her back and he’s coming undone. The kicker is that the girl doesn’t yet know her mother died. All the while, Seita’s ghost is watching (as he silently narrates), and he’s coming undone; he can’t bear to hear his sister’s cries.


The primary mission of Prataap Jai is to bridge the cultural and communication gap between a growing influx of both Thai and foreign tourists with foreign and Thai residents in the Chiang Rai area.




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