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Pomelo Festival August 28- September 2



Pomelo (Som-oh) being graded for Sweetness and size


Chiangrai Times – Pomelo is more than just a fruit. At Pomelo Festival in Chiang Rai, different products made from pomelo await to be discovered. Apart from its juicy and refreshing quality, Wiang Kaen residents present the different methods of cooking and preserving it such as pomelo vinegar, pomelo sweets.

Every part of the fruit is transformed into useful products such as dish washing liquid, shower gel, incense sticks. Stage performance, beauty pageant, local and tribal cultural show and local games and sports can be enjoyed in the festival.

Pomelo is considered to be ‘king of the citrus fruit kingdom’ for its sheer size: some varieties are the size of a small basketball, while others appear like an enormous grapefruit. Pomelos also vary in color, from dark green on the outside to a coral-orange color and sometimes even yellow. The skin can be very thick (up to 2 inches), or thinner depending on the hybrid. Some come to a peek on top (where the stem joins the tree), while others are completely round. The inner fruit ranges in color from white to pink.

Like other citrus fruit, pomelos are high in vitamin C (one serving of 1 to 1.5 cups gives you more than your recommended intake of vitamin C). Pomelos also contain iron, dietary fiber, and protein, yet pomelo is very low in calories: – Anna Wong

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