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Podcasts For Kids – Is This The Biggest Untapped Market?



Podcasts For Kids - Is This The Biggest Untapped Market?

Podcasts For Kids: Podcast creators are mostly aimed at adults. These audio chat shows discuss politics, social dynamics, science, and AITA stories. However, there is a growing market for children’s alternatives.

Radio, just like Tablets today, used to be the media that kids hooked themselves onto. They would listen to horror stories, dramas, or anything they could get their hands on. Although radio has become a travel medium, podcasts are often listened to whenever hands are busy and brains are idle.

Judging by the previous love of radio, there is a market for kids in the podcast industry.

Expert Opinion

In our exploration of kids’ podcasts, we spoke to podcasting experts from, a top podcasting info site.

We asked them just how popular podcasts are with kids, and why this surge in interest has occurred.

“The world of children’s podcasts has seen a surge in recent years, providing kids with a diverse range of educational, entertaining, and imaginative content,” says Martin from WiredClip.

“This growth can be down to several factors. As screen time continues to be a concern for many parents, podcasts have emerged as a refreshing alternative that stimulates young minds and promotes essential skills like listening and comprehension.”

So it seems like parents want kids to be entertained but know they need reduced screen time. It also seems multiple genres of kids’ podcasts have already appeared, some educational, some simple entertaining.

Most Popular Genres Of Kids Podcasts

Through our own research, we learned that the percentage split of kids’ genres is as follows:

  • General Storytelling – 32%
  • General Education – 25%
  • Science – 18%
  • History – 12%
  • Fictional Adventures – 8%
  • Unique – 5%

Most of the kid’s options are self categorized as both storytelling and education, which makes sense as kids learn best when playing.

However, we reorganized these categories into mainly storytelling, mainly educational, and then a breakdown of more specific concepts. For example, there are multiple general storytelling podcasts, where they mix their main characters or even their main storylines. The stories start and finish in the same recording.

However, 8% of all kid’s podcasts contain long-winded stories for epic adventures where kids will be waiting for the next episode.

The unique category encompasses the weird and wonderful podcasts that don’t contain many competitors. For example, walking podcasts, comedy podcasts, and “how to make ___” podcasts.

This is the untapped market you should be exploring.

Benefits Of Children Listening To Podcasts

Some parents might believe that podcasts are another form of static entertainment – offering no real educational value. However, there are multiple benefits to this medium.

Educational Content

Many podcasts for kids are designed to teach them about various subjects, such as science, history, and language, in a fun and engaging way.

Take Horrible Histories as an example. Kids don’t need to watch this content to learn about the rich histories of our world and the funny or gruesome issues we once faced.

Improving Listening Skills

Of course, we expect any kid’s entertainment to contain some educational elements, so this doesn’t separate podcasts from other medium platforms. Instead, the main benefit is based on listening skills.

Listening to podcasts can help children develop their listening and comprehension skills, which are crucial for their overall development and academic success.

Kids will learn how to understand something without needing pictures, they will understand the importance of audio details, and they will understand how tone and pitch can affect meaning.

Encouraging Imagination

Unlike screen-based media, podcasts require listeners to create their own mental images and visualize the content, which can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

Although this might seem like a natural ability, it takes skill to accomplish. Kids can also learn how to make their own stories and use their imagination to tell their stories to other children.

This communication style will promote empathy.

Screen-Free Entertainment

Podcasts provide an excellent alternative to screen time, allowing children to be entertained without the risks associated with excessive screen use, such as disrupted sleep or reduced physical activity.

Children can complete activities they are not fond of while listening to a podcast. For example, cleaning their room will become more entertaining with a story-based distraction.

Bonding Time

Listening to podcasts together can be a great way for families to bond, as they can share the experience, discuss the content, and learn together.

Final Thoughts

Finding a niche in this untapped market will not be hard. Although many podcasts in this genre are doing well, there isn’t a lot of competition. This means you can create similar concepts, which aim at a more unique idea to easily stand out and do well.

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