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Netflix Under Pressure: Streaming Platform Is Assessing A New Distribution Model

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After a rough start of the year for Netflix, the streaming platform is hinting at substantial changes to its business. The latest reports detail plans to expand theatrical windows for selected films. This move is surprising considering the company’s policy and overall view of movie theaters.

A New Policy

According to Bloomberg, Netflix is finally ready to make some changes to its distribution policy. This comes after years of going head-to-head with movie theatres and film festivals, including Okja’s controversial premiere at the Cannes. There is still little information about this new distribution model, however, it could still be implemented in 2022. Moreover, this new policy is expected to be first tested with the release of Knives Out 2 and Bardo.

This could mean that Netflix’s current policy, in which movies open in movie theatres for five-10 days, could be scrapped. Netflix would move to a new system in which movies could be in theatres for 45 days before moving online.

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The streaming giant has made an exception to this rule in the past. However, this was only so that Roma, Mank, and Power of the Dog, among others, could be eligible for awards. This is, for instance, the case when it comes to the Academy Awards. The award show requires films to have a seven-day theatrical run before the exhibition in other mediums. Nonetheless, these movies had limited exhibitions, debuting only in selected movie theatres, and staying for a maximum of two weeks.

Netflix’s Recent Shifts

In the past year, Netflix has made some crucial decisions regarding the viability of its business model. Firstly, the streaming giant decided to take one of its biggest risks yet by entering the gaming market. In fact, the gaming and gambling industry has grown exponentially in the past years. This was mostly due to recent technological advancements that have made mobile games more appealing than ever.

Mobile gaming and gambling are lucrative: many notable establishments entice users with promotions and bonuses, for example, access to free spins no deposit offers. These businesses prioritize remaining at the forefront of the industry by displaying a notable edge over other competitors. In addition, developers also strive to deliver the most advanced gaming experiences.

Consider, for instance, the emergence of live casinos where players can enjoy classic casino games in an interactive and immersive online environment. Finally, the world of gaming has also been irrevocably changed by the introduction of VR experiences and high-profile launch events/exhibitions.


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Even after reports indicated the streaming platform lost 200,000 subscribers in just three months, Netflix has further invested in gaming. According to the Post, the company is expected to release at least 50 new games by the end of 2022.

New Subscription Tier and Live-Streamed Content

In addition, Netflix has revealed it is planning on implementing a new ad-based low-cost subscription tier. This is particularly ground-breaking considering the company has vowed to never feature any type of ads on its platform. This plan is a response to the company’s struggle to attract subscribers, which was caused by a recent price increase. Simultaneously, and even though their prices are lower than Netflix’s, Disney+ has also announced a similar plan.

But that’s not all: it is reported that Netflix is exploring the possibility of featuring live-streamed content on their platform. While this is yet to be confirmed, this could be the biggest shift yet in the company’s strategy. In the past, most streaming platforms have refused to engage with this type of content. As a result, this could be a huge shift for Netflix and a new era for streaming platforms.


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