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Netflix “Squid Game” Become World Viewing Sensation



The South Korean drama has become the most popular series ever launch for the movie streaming network. The Squid Game drama has drawn over 100 million viewers since its debut on Netflix.

The global streaming hit is about people are pitted against one another in traditional children’s games.

While the victor of the Game wins millions in cash, while the losing players are killed off in real-life drama.

The Squid Game has quickly spread worldwide through word of mouth and through social media, sites like Facebook and Youtube TV. The South Korean series has topped the Netflix charts in more than 80 countries and especially in Thailand where youth are glued to their TVs, smartphones and computers.

The success of The South Korean Netflix drama “Squid Game” amplifies Korea’s increased influence on global popular culture. Following the K-pop band BTS and Oscar-winning “Parasite” movie that’s also available on Netflix.

The “Squid Game” is also Netflix’s latest success in a bid to produce more non-English language content. Netflix’s third most-watched “Lupin” debut in the French language.

The Netflix “Squid Game” is offered to viewers in both dubbed and subtitled versions in multiple languages. By doing this Netflix has expanded its potential to audiences globally.

In February, Netflix plans to spend $500 million this year on series and films produced in South Korea.

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