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Moon Knight Trailer Releases for Disney+ Show & ‘There’s Chaos’



Moon Knight

When Disney+ Day was celebrated last year in November, the Moon Knight was one of the major announcements. In addition to the glimpses that Marvel gave at the time, the studio continues to tease the upcoming series. Recently, a teaser for the trailer was released. 

The trailer will be released on Monday, and the teaser is sure to raise anticipation among fans. Monday’s NFL Super Wild Card match will reveal the trailer. While realizing his powers, the protagonist is shown in his mental state.

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Moon Knight trailer date announced with the new teaser, raises

It is the streaming platform, Hulu, that has posted the latest trailer, encouraging netizens to watch the NFL match to see the trailer as well. This teaser shows Oscar Isaac dealing with his alter-ego. In shock, he looked into the mirror, shouted, and ran for his life.

Eventually, he transforms into the Moon Knight. Moon Knight beats someone up with utter brutality in the teaser.
There is a glimpse of the antagonist, who is played by Ethan Hawke. Hawke says fiercely: “You’re chaotic.”


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It will be interesting to see what else is revealed in the trailer when it debuts on Monday.

Moon Knight to release this year

The release date for Moon Knight has not yet been announced, but it is expected to launch on Disney+ later this year.

Moon Knight, according to the official synopsis, is an action-adventure series set in a global setting. Oscar Isaac’s protagonist suffers from dissociative identity disorder, so they called him a ‘complex vigilante’.

Despite having multiple identities inside him, he gets caught up in a deadly war of gods. Additionally, it said that the action takes place against a backdrop of ancient and modern Egypt.

Jeremy Slater created the series. Written by Alex Meehan, Danielle Iman, and Beau DeMayo.

Six episodes are planned. Mohammed Diab has led the first four and Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have led the other two.

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