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Megan Fox “Went to Hell for Eternity” After Drinking Ayahuasca



Megan Fox "Went to Hell for Eternity" After Drinking Ayahuasca

The ‘Till Death’ entertainer and her sweetheart Machine Gun Kelly participated in a profound custom with the psychoactive tea – which incites hear-able and visual mind flights – out traveling to Costa Rica, and Megan Fox clarified the setting was nothing similar to she’d expected to make individuals “give up to the experience”.

Addressing visitor have Arsenio Hall on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Megan Fox said: “So we went to Costa Rica to do ayahuasca in, similar to, an appropriate setting, with native individuals.

“So I was thinking it resembled glamping, similar to it was going to be some sort of five-star insight.

“Yet, you arrive and you truly are in the wilderness, and you don’t will eat after like 1 p.m. You need to walk an exceptionally far distance to get your water, and you can’t shower since they’re in a dry season.

“There was nothing glamourous about it, and it’s every one of the a piece of making you defenseless, so you kind of give up to the experience.”

The function started with the gathering having to “upchuck everything” out of their bodies.

Megan Fox clarified: “All of you line up at the edge of the rainforest, over this bizarre fence, and you go three by three and you drink lemongrass tea until you, not independently, simply upchuck everything out of your body.

“Also, you need to upchuck a specific sum until they let you get back with every other person, so you’re similar to rooting for everybody as they hurl.”

Albeit the couple had misgivings about being debilitated before “20 outsiders” from the outset, it at last end up being “a decent holding experience” as it got them “all set into the function that evening” since they lost all vanity.

The actual function endured three days and was “extraordinarily extraordinary”.

Megan Fox said: “Everyone’s excursion is unique, however on the second night I went to Hell forever.

“Simply realizing it’s endlessness is torment in itself, on the grounds that there’s no start, center or end. So you have a genuine sense of self passing.”

Yet, the 35-year-old excellence demanded the ceremonial had the option to help in a manner that “outperforms talk treatment or hypnotherapy”.

Megan Fox added: “It simply goes straight into your spirit, and it takes you to the mental jail that you hold yourself in.

“So it’s your own rendition of agony, and I was certainly there.”



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