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Major Cineplex Movie Theaters to Reopen in Thailand “But No Popcorn”

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Major Cineplex Group is ready to reopen its movie theaters in Thailand on June 1st however moviegoers will not be able to eat popcorn.  Panpimon Wipulakorn, director general of the Department of Health, said eating or drinking will not be permitted during the shows.

The new regulations will also require cinemas to leave three empty seats apart from each party in order to comply with social distancing measures.

“Customers in movie theaters must refrain from eating popcorn or drinking because saliva droplets can spread,” Panpimon said.

According to the measure, couples may sit together and face masks must be worn at all times. Seats and ventilation systems must also be thoroughly cleaned after each screening.

Apichart Kongchai, chief cinema officer of Major Cineplex Group, said his company had cleaned and sanitized all corners of its theaters daily. Their air-conditioning and ventilation systems have been activated twice a day to reduce moisture and prevent fungi and a musty smell.

Major Cineplex Group also prepared measures to prevent disease transmission. All customers will have their body temperatures checked, wear face masks, sanitize their hands.

They will keep social distancing by being one meter apart in queues, being separated from staff with partitions and being seated two spaces apart in same rows and diagonally opposite other viewers.

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