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Mac Miller Fans Pay Emotional Tribute on his 30th Birthday Anniversary

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Mac Miller, known by his stage name Mac McCormick, would have turned 30 years old on January 19, which is today. On September 7, the 26-year-old artist died at his home after accidental overdosing. The Grammy-nominated artist began his career in the hip-hop scene at the tender age of 15.

He has released several popular albums, including GO: OD AM, The Divine Feminine, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, and more. The video for his track BDE – Best Day Ever has been viewed 140 million times on YouTube. His fans still groove to tracks like Dang!, Smile Back, and Frick Park Market. Celebrating the rapper’s 30th birthday, fans took to social media to pay a tribute.

Mac Miller 30th anniversary

The Mac Miller Memoir’s official Twitter account shared a post to commemorate the rapper’s 30th birthday. In the caption, ”The big 3-0,” the post read, ”Thank you for sharing your cards and celebrating with us.” Fans flooded social media, greeting the late artist on his birthday with the message, ”happy birthday, Mac.” We miss you every day, bro.

Many shared pictures and videos of Mac Miller with emotional captions to wish him a happy birthday. A fan wrote, “Happy Birthday Mac Miller.” I miss you so much! Every time I was with you, you brought light and happiness into my life. One fan tweeted, “Man, I’m really gonna miss Mac Miller for the rest of my life.”. I would never be this self-aware of my mental health if it weren’t for him. love you forever mac #HappyBirthdayMacMiller”

Furthermore, a few fans shared their lock screens with Mac Miller’s picture as a tribute to him. A number of fans shared pictures of the rapper smiling and commended him for his contribution to music and his ability to connect with fans going through difficult times.

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