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Lil Nas X Trolls #FreeLilNasX Supporters With New Video Poking Fun at Nike Court Case

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Lil Nas X Trolls #FreeLilNasX Supporters With New Video Poking Fun at Nike Court Case

Lil Nas X Trolls #FreeLilNasX Supporters With New Video. #FreeLilNasX was moving on Monday morning (July 19) after the rapper professed to go to court to confront Nike, which recently sued MSCHF Product Studio over his unapproved custom “Satan Shoes.” The 22-year-old utilized the online media intensity for his potential benefit and reported another single dropping this week.

“Industry Baby,” Lil Nas X Nas’ approaching track, is set to include Jack Harlow with creation by Kanye West and Take A Daytrip. Lil Nas X prodded the melody with a video making fun of the claim, in which he plays the directing adjudicator, his own dull safeguard, an attendant and the arraignment.

In the clasp, the examiner assaults Lil Nas X’ sexuality while interrogating him concerning his dubious “Satan Shoes.”

“Lovely people of the jury, this is about substantially more than shoes,” the examiner says as legal hearers pass around the $1,098-estimated footwear. “Mr. Nas X, would you say you are gay?”

“What does that have to do with the shoes?” Lil Nas X Nas answers.

“Allow me to reword the inquiry. Do your mother know you gay?” the investigator presses once more.

“Indeed,” Lil Nas Xreacts. The adjudicator then, at that point sentences the rapper to five years at Montero State Prison — a play on his impending collection title.

Lil Nas X dropped his “Satan Shoes” back in March as a team with MSCHF. The shoes were tweaked Nike Air Max 97s and allegedly contained a drop of human blood. After the questionable tennis shoes turned into a web sensation, Nike sued MSCHF for brand name encroachment and they were reviewed. The two organizations arrived at a settlement back in April.

While Lil Nas stands up in his new limited time video, he was not named as a litigant in Nike’s suit. It’s hazy why the “Old Town Road” rapper would now confront legitimate repercussions for the shoes in case he’s not, for sure, savaging.

On Twitter, he guaranteed he could become detained over the matter, stating, “With or without jokes I can’t really accept that I may be going to prison. Who will make somewhat clever tweets about being gay while I’m away.”

Watch Lil Nas X’ special clasp for “Industry Baby” on Twitter beneath.


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