JVN & Antoni Are 'Together' & We Have So Many Questions


JVN & Antoni Are ‘Together’ & We Have So Many Questions



( CTN News) _ It appears that Antoni Porowski and JVN have made their relationship official, but many fans are wondering just what the Queer Eye hosts are referring to.

A similar message was sent out on both social media platforms by the Canadian food expert and JVN,

Who uses they/he/she pronouns as per their Instagram page, on the same day on September 13.

Porowski tweeted a heart emoji with a picture of the pair holding hands alongside the caption “Some personal news.”.

The caption read: “After years of joking about it, we’re finally together. Here’s to giving it a shot 🙂 More tomorrow.”.

A cute picture of the two has been posted on their Instagram JVN page where they are seen gazing adoringly up at the Montreal-born celeb.

“We are finally together,” they wrote, along with an emoji of a heart as well.

There will be details tomorrow, but know that we are very happy and that we are feeling supported by the people around us.”

“These comments are so awesome! I can’t wait to see what the collab is going to be like.

Another person commented on the fact that it is only 11:39 AM, and details are coming TOMORROW??? Jonathan, my angel, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it,”

“What about Mark?! What about him?,””?,””?,”” someone asked, referring to Van Ness’ husband.

“Omg what is happening I am shooketh! My deepest sympathies to you.”

Considering that both celebs have recently posted pictures of their significant others, one might think that they are providing an insight into some kind of new show or product, rather than teasing a romantic relationship between them.

On August 25, Porowski posted a photo of himself with his boyfriend Kevin Harrington to his Instagram account, while Harrington shared a photo of the pair on September 4 on his Instagram account.

There should be plenty of fun to be had whatever JVN and Porowski get up to!

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