John Cena Just Broke The Best Guinness World Record In History


John Cena Just Broke The Best Guinness World Record in History



(CTN News) _ John Cena is a wrestler for WWE, an actor with some brilliant comedic timing (Blockers, anyone?) and certified blockbuster chops, and an author of children’s books.

Now he holds a Guinness World Record as well.

His new record isn’t for his acting or wrestling or most comically huge muscles – it’s for a completely different reason, which adds to the long list of reasons people admire Cena.

With the Make-A-Wish Foundation, John Cena has broken a world record. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he now holds an official Guinness World Record.

According to a press release from Guinness World Records, John Cena has fulfilled 650 wishes through his foundation, which record for him.

Since 2002, the athlete/actor has been working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAWF), an organization that helps fulfill the wishes of children who have been diagnosed with a critical illness.

Children between the ages of 2 and 18 typically use the 42-year-old foundation to fulfill their wishes, and the requests can vary from going to a specific event, giving a gift to someone else, going on a trip, or meeting a celebrity.

John Cena was the foundation’s most requested celebrity in 2012 and granted the foundation’s 1000th wish in its history at that time as its most requested celebrity.

Cena has previously stated, “There is no greater humbling experience than meeting a child who could ask for anything in the world.”.

As a professional wrestler, I have faced some of the toughest superstars in the history of WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment], and I have never encountered bravery or toughness like that of the wish kids that I meet every day.
Seeing the impact that granting wishes can have on a person is inspiring to me, and I look forward to granting 500 more wishes in the future.”
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