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Hucky Eichelmann & Anthony Garcia Thailand Tour 2011



Anthony Garcia and Hucky Eichelmann will create some magical music moments at the Small Hall, Thailand Cultural Centre.


They have never performed with each other before, and so it’s a special treat to have two of the world’s leading guitarists strumming on the same stage in Thailand. This Friday, the Hucky Eichelmann & Anthony Garcia Thailand Tour 2011 will come to Bangkok after playing to packed houses in the concerts held in Isan and the North.

“We met for the first time two days before the tour opening concert in Nakhon Ratchasima, and had two to three rehearsals in the hotel and it worked out just fine. With some musicians you can work a few hours to establish an alchemy, and with others you can practise forever without achieving anything …,” said Eichelmann, who’s regarded as the godfather of classical guitar in Thailand.
Based in this country for three decades, the German musician has been touring the Kingdom as a solo performer and with various other artist friends. This year, he invited one of Australia’s greatest talents to join him in the concert tour, which is dedicated to the celebrations of HM the King’s 84th birthday.

“Anthony Garcia, who is not only a versatile guitarist but also an established composer, will bring some truly interesting colours and aspects to the concerts and workshops,” he said. “Though Anthony has a classical guitar education, he is far more interesting to work with than with just a pure classical guitarist due to his interest in many other styles of music and his compositional and improvisatorial skills.

“We want to present the audiences with fresh, fascinating and accessible music and together we can draw from a huge scale of styles and forms.”
Garcia’s background in composition and improvisation as well as in Latin and contemporary music combined with Eichelmann’s interests in Asian, world and contemporary forms build a good basis for an interesting and versatile co-operation and presentation. Accordingly, the concert tour comes under the theme: Music from Thailand and the rest of the world.

The Bangkok concert will be staged at the Small Hall, Thailand Cultural Centre. Highlights include solos and duets as well as pieces especially composed for this tour. The maestroes will also be playing HM the King’s compositions.
“Anthony played Echo and I did Phorn Pi Mai (“New Year Greeting”) in solo versions and we later got together to do the famous HM Blues as a duet and improvisation and the packed house in Maha Sarakham just loved it,” said Eichelmann, who is is the first non-Thai artist to record HM the King’s music.

Having spent some time living in Indonesia and Singapore as a child, Garcia has a special affinity with Asia. Visiting Thailand for the first time at the age of nine, he was so mesmerised by the culture and vibrancy that he knew one day he would spend more time in this part of the world.


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