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How the Netflix Mobile App Works and What are its Remarkable Features



Netflix Mobile App

Netflix Mobile App: Not a person has gone through the pandemic without knowing or viewing the no. 1 streaming service in the world “Netflix”. Netflix grew its subscriber base at a time when the economic collapse was inevitable. At a time when social distancing parted us, outdoor activities were barred for us, Netflix revitalized the spirit of entertainment.

There are always new movies to stream on Netflix due to its monthly influx of shows. It also has great original productions in the lineup, and we have seen the success level of their past productions like The Irishman, The Queen’s Gambit, Squid Game, and many more. What defines the success of Netflix mostly is its convenience and compatibility.

Speaking of compatibility, we write this to share with you how the Netflix mobile app operates and its remarkable features. Netflix continuously produces new updates to smoothen the streaming experience. There are also updates to the recommender system that allow it to hook its users to stream more.

Gone are the days when you had to have a full system to watch some quality shows. Whether you’re on the go or at home, any device with an internet and app store can have Netflix running in no time. For this article, we will specifically talk about the best features of Netflix and how it works. Other than the generic features, we will talk about the features that make it better than the rest

The ‘Top 10’ section

Netflix’s recommendation system is carefully designed to attract the most scrolling and eventually gets the person to watch. In 2020, we saw Netflix roll out an incredible feature of listing the top 10 in your country. There are some seasons where the obvious choices like Squid Game, Money Heist, Red Notice, etc. top the chart. The other times, it is new releases on Netflix that make it to the top 10. This helps the user get a whiff of mainstream content and he/she can sound relevant to the conversation

The ‘Skip Intro’ option

We’ve all had the impulse to fast-forward live TV just to skip long intros and commercials. TVs started doing that for recorded footage and so did Netflix. If you’re watching a show, with a basic intro, users are prompted the option to skip the intro. That way, you can instantly get to the show and stream the useful parts.

Neflix Auto Skip Intro Button

This feature has gotten great recognition and surveys have reported about users utilizing ‘Skip intro’ more times than those who prefer not to. In some shows, there is also the feature of ‘Skip recap’ and at the end, there is a quick jump button to the next episode so that you don’t have to wait till the end of rolling credits. If you’re watching the ending credits of a movie, Netflix starts recommending movies and shows for your next watch.

The ‘Download for later’ option

This is one of the best features streaming apps have to offer. If your streaming is Wi-Fi bound and you must travel a long distance (which is still not possible in some countries due to COVID-19), you can download your favorite shows and stream them offline as much as you want.

Netflix does offer a certain level of storage based on the subscribed package and memory of your device. It even refreshes some old downloads periodically. This feature even fits in situations where you have unsteady Wi-Fi, and the bandwidth is low. You can easily put your favorite movie or TV show on download, go on about your business, and later find it fully downloaded for offline streaming. This feature can be availed only in apps and not the website (obviously).

The ‘Parental Lock’ option

You can’t have a streaming site for worldwide reach without putting in the security features. That is why their parental lock option is the best fit for parents trying to carefully let their children stream Netflix. The parental lock is quite strong and bars all 18+ recommendations.

How to set up Netflix parental controls with PIN Codes

You’d think that the variety of Netflix content would be very small if the 18+ features are gone, but that is not true. Netflix has many families themed shows and animated features that get uploaded monthly. Shows like Coco Melon, Boss Baby back in Business, Grizzly & the Lemmings, etc. all are kid-friendly shows that are featured on Netflix.


The Netflix Mobile App is bundled with new features after every single update. A recent one was about ‘Shuffle watchlist’ where if you have many pending shows in your ‘continue watching for’ category, you can hit shuffle and it will randomly pick out a show you’ve been tempted to finish. This saves you the trouble of choosing yourself and the element of surprise is always amusing.

Netflix app is available on the App Store or Google Play store. It is also installed in many gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) and TV boxes like Roku. Another benefit is that if you have its notifications on, it can inform you about recent releases, upcoming releases, and actively changes your recommendations based on your everyday life (the power of data mining).

Get yourself the Netflix app and enjoy!


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