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Google Celebrated “Stamen Grigorov’s 142th Birthday”, Who Discovered The Bacteria That Makes Yogurt



The disclosure of Lactobacillus bulgaricus began with basic interest and a bit of pining to go home. Not long after microbiologist Stamen Grigorov got hitched, he passed on his home in Bulgaria to accept a task as an exploration associate at the Medical University of Geneva in Switzerland, where he had moved on from clinical school. He brought a dirt pot of his new spouse’s handcrafted Bulgarian yogurt.

Yogurt is a staple in Bulgaria, and it’s been that way for quite a long time. Ladies used to make their own yogurt at home, in dirt pots like the one Mrs. Stamen Grigorov shipped off Switzerland with her new spouse. Today, individuals eat yogurt as a sauce, a soup base, a drink, and nibble food. At the turn of the twentieth century, a few specialists were beginning to make noteworthy cases about yogurt’s medical advantages. That started Grigorov’s interest, and he spread some yogurt on a magnifying lens slide for a more intensive look.

Lamentably, history doesn’t record how Stamen Grigorov’s better half reacted to discovering that he’d utilized her insightful gift as a science explore. It’s hard to try and find a record of her name, in spite of the way that her yogurt impacted the world forever and changed an entire public industry.

Stamen Grigorov

The work required long stretches of gazing into a magnifying lens – since gazing into magnifying lens was Stamen Grigorov’s real work, he likely accepted it – yet in 1905, he distinguished the bar formed bacterium that transformed milk into yogurt. Lactobacillus bulgaricus devours the lactose in milk, delivering a particular arrangement of unsaturated fats. The outcome is a thick, marginally tart substance that makes a delectable plunge for your pita bread.

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Matured dairy food varieties like yogurt and cheddar might have helped early ranchers feed their kids millennia prior. It’s not difficult to envision the coincidental revelation that a container of goat milk had transformed into something kind of knotty and smooth, however old individuals immediately understood the worth of the stuff and began aging milk into curds and yogurt intentionally. What’s more, it’s no incident that a portion of the world’s most seasoned proof of matured milk comes from places like Bulgaria, the Middle East, and focal Asia. Those are where the environment is perfect for L. bulgaricus to thrive and transform milk into yogurt. Assuming you need to make yogurt elsewhere, you need to import bacterial societies (which the Bulgarian government-licensed during the Cold War).

A great many people outside southeastern Europe and the Middle East hadn’t known about yogurt in 1905, yet Grigorov’s revelation helped change that. He saw as L. bulgaricus at around the very time that a large number of researchers distributed papers guaranteeing that individuals who ate yogurt kept an eye on life longer. Yogurt surprised western Europe, and in light of the fact that Bulgarian yogurt, specifically, had logical proof behind it, it turned into the yogurt of decision for wellbeing lovers during the 1920s.

Stamen Grigorov

Yet, the yogurt available to be purchased in Switzerland, where Stamen Grigorov made his disclosure, wasn’t similar as the pot of handcrafted yogurt he’d conveyed across Europe to his new lab. The vast majority of the business yogurt makers utilized cow milk rather than the sheep’s milk that Bulgarian creators utilized. And keeping in mind that most families in Bulgaria had their own yogurt plans and their own strains of L. bulgaricus, modern creation was tremendously unique.

“At the point when researchers and producers assumed control over the cycle, they presented severe estimations, expert hardware, and ‘unadulterated societies’ that rejected any extra microflora found normally in custom made yogurt,” composed the BBC’s Madhvi Ramani in 2018, in an interesting investigation of what befell a conventional staple when it met the 20th century economy. History doesn’t record how Mrs. Stamen Grigorov felt regarding that, by the same token.

Incidentally, even as worldwide fame changed Bulgarian yogurt, it additionally transformed the unassuming food item into an image of Bulgaria’s public character – which the nation, recently subsumed into the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet range of prominence, needed to keep up with. So in 1949, Bulgarian government sent microbiologists from one house to another, inspecting natively constructed yogurt and picking the L. bulgaricus strains they enjoyed best to make an authority public yogurt. The Bulgarian government actually claims the patent and commodity privileges to that strain today. It’s shockingly well known in Japan.


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