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Good News! YouTube Introduces New Ways To Earn Money With Shorts

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YouTube has been promoting YouTube Shorts, its short-form video content feature similar to TikTok, since March 2021. As with other social media platforms, TikTok has pushed YouTube to replicate its success with short-form video content.

Shorts, the short videos on YouTube that are clearly influenced by TikTok, will allow creators to monetize their videos with the new tools the video platform has created.

YouTube will also add new video effects and editing tools to make your Shorts videos even better, as well as the ability to remix audio from videos already on YouTube.

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Purchases can be made directly from YouTube Short videos

YouTube product manager Neal Mohan announced it is about monetization tools that will be arriving gradually throughout this year. The announcement follows the trend of what YouTube began to introduce as features at the beginning of this year, additions that would arrive throughout 2022 in order to allow content creators to monetize their videos.

YouTube’s new monetization options include sponsorships and allowing users to buy directly from Shorts. These new options are a part of YouTube’s broader strategy to allow users to buy products and services related to or referenced in its videos. This avoids having to leave the platform to make purchases.

This will enable the promotion of this new category of short videos, to try to compete with the general reference that TikTok assumes. YouTube Shorts will soon add new effects and editing options, as well as the ability to respond to comments via Shortens, similar to what happens on TikTok.

As a way to help creators improve understanding of reception and response to content and to brainstorm ideas for new videos, improving the data that they have about viewer interactions with their content is feasible.

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