'Blonde' Star Ana De Armas Knows Her Nudes Will Go Viral: 'It's Disgusting'


‘Blonde’ Star Ana de Armas Knows Her Nudes Will Go Viral: ‘It’s Disgusting’



(CTN News) _ Ana de Armas, who plays Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde, shares one thing that bothers her,

Despite the fact that it was necessary to tell Monroe’s story as she and director Andrew Dominik intended.

During an interview with Variety, de Armas discussed Monroe’s emotional state and sexual experience in the film, as well as why many scenes were raw and uncomfortable.

“We are telling her story from her perspective.

It is my goal to make people feel what she felt,” said Ana de Armas. As a result, when we were required to shoot scenes such as those with [President] Kennedy [in which he forces.

Monroe to perform oral sex on him during a telephone conversation], it was difficult for everyone involved. The truth, however, demanded that I go there.”

As a result of the unkindness Monroe suffered from her lovers and the world at large, de Armas sacrificed herself to bring justice and peace.

Regarding nude scenes in the film, the actress admitted, “I know what’s going to go viral, and it’s disgusting. It’s upsetting just to think about it.”

Ana de Armas reflected on the inevitable of footage of her naked body circulating around the world for people’s pleasure rather than as an artistic conduit for telling Monroe’s tragic story, saying,

“You can’t really control what they do and how they interpret things.” It didn’t make me second guess; it just left me with a bad feeling about the future of those clips.”

As Ana de Armas told An other recently, the men’s desire for Marilyn, and the way they treat her like meat.

As if she were a room service delivery — led her to be so vulnerable and naked in Blonde.

“I’ve heard people say, oh my gosh, this scene is so long! I get it now, I can imagine how she felt.”

Can Ana de Armas speak English?

She spoke very little English and, during early auditions, she often “didn’t even know what [she] was saying.” She spent four months in full-time education to learn English, not wanting to be confined to playing characters written specifically for Latina actresses.

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