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Black Adam’s Heat Vision Proves He’ll Always Be a Villain



Black Adam's Heat Vision Proves He'll Always Be a Villain

(CTN News) – This DC Comics villain turned reluctant anti-hero, Black Adam, is an overpowered god-like being of unmatched strength and skill, with his version of Superman’s iconic heat vision showing that while he might walk on the right side of things from time to time to appease the superhero community, he will always be a villain when it comes to real life.

The origins of the character Black Adam aka Teth Adam, who is associated with Billy Batson and the Shazam Family in the DC Universe, can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian times.

He comes from a corner of the DC Universe that includes Billy Batson and the Shazam Family.

In DC lore, Black Adam commands the vast and varied powers of Shazam. He’s often portrayed as an antagonist due to the fact that he’s been pitted against the Justice League and the rest of the DC Universe on several occasions.

In 2007, he lost his family and declared war on the planet after losing them all in the 2007 miniseries World War III.

It has been seen in the second issue of the 2020 event, Endless Winter, by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz. This is because while Black Adam has turned a receptive leaf as of late, the longevity of his heroic attitude is put into question for the future.

This is because he demonstrated a different type of heat vision seen in the second issue of the event.

As Black Adam tries to take drastic measures to defeat the event’s main villain, Frost King, he is stopped from doing anything he cannot regret by Superman.

This is much to the annoyance of Black Adam. Taking offense to Superman’s perceived weakness for doing what he feels he must in order to win, Adam uses a powerful power on the hero that puts Big Blue’s similar capability to shame, one that is a bit more electrifying by its very nature: the lightning bolt vision, which Adam uses as a means to wipe out Superman.

It is said that Black Adam has a vision that resembles a lightning bolt!

Black Adam has shown that he is capable of charging up and then blasting lightning out of his eyes. Black Adam uses this weapon to effectively get Superman off his back while simultaneously drawing attention to it as an inspired mirror to Superman’s heat vision attack.

It will be relevant to note, however, that Black Adam’s electric look is not able to be used in the same manner as Superman’s heat vision (for instance, heating Lois’ coffee in the morning) or refracting it off of a mirror in order to shave), so Superman is more likely to employ his heat vision in subtle or hidden ways.

Aside from that, as seen in this issue, Lightning Vision seems to be reserved for blasting Black Adam’s enemies and no other purpose, which fits perfectly with Black Adam’s more villainous tendencies rather than his heroic ones, which is indicative of what he can do.

In other words, if any moment soon fans see that Black Adam’s eyes have an unnatural sparkle in them, be prepared for a heel turn for a DC Comics character whose true nature is far more evil and power-hungry than he’s letting on right now.


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