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Best Netflix Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for 2023

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Best Netflix Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for 2023

Do you like to spend your free time binging TV shows and Movies, or planning for chill weekends?

With the latest original movie checks, shows, or with your old favorite, Netflix takes care of these all for you.

With Netflix, you get the best streaming service which offers you thousands of titles that consist of some Netflix originals.

Today with the most liked platform of users, Netflix has reached around 221.6 million subscribers worldwide.

But have you ever wondered how you can optimize your Netflix experience? There are some lists of unusual Netflix hacks, tricks, and tips that will bring out most of your watch.

But no need to worry, we have brought you the best tried and tested tips and hacks, which may not require much technical knowledge.

So, maybe this time after knowing these staggering hacks, you will find it hard to leave your home.

6 Best Netflix Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

1. Use Netflix in VR

Netflix supports Virtual Reality mode, and if you own a VR Headset, then you can eventually enhance your Netflix experience.

Since the Daydream VR and Oculus headsets are quite popular nowadays for the Virtual Reality experience, here’s how you can enjoy Netflix in VR on these two devices.

For the Daydream VR by Google, you will need to download the Netflix VR, an app for experiencing the content of Netflix in VR by from the Google Play Store, and in the Oculus headset, you will need to download the Netflix app from the Oculus store.

After downloading, all you need to do is log in with your credentials, and after that, you can enjoy every content on the app in VR.

2. Turn your shows and movies into audiobooks

Imagine if you have a deadline tomorrow and didn’t want to miss the next episode of your favorite show, or you are tired of staring at one screen.

The best option for this situation is to go for audio. For doing the same, you will need to visit the utility bar, scroll through the audio tab, and tap on the option named Audio Description.

With this feature, you enable the narrator to describe the action happening on-screen and perform multi-tasks.

Doesn’t it sound surprising and amazing? Yes, it is. I am sure you’re not going to miss a single beat for your watching this. But it works for some titles, not all.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

This trick will work best for lazy users who don’t want to use the mouse. Grabbing these shortcuts enables a relaxing watch.

● Use M to toggle mute

● PgDn will pause while PgUp will play.

● Shift + left arrow rewind, while a shift + right arrow fast-forward.

● Pressing F will take you full screen

● ESC will take you out of the screen

4. Make Subtitles more Vivid

Another shocking hack includes changing the appearance of subtitles to your taste. Choose the font size and color of the subtitles of your choice.

Make them adjustable according to what you want by just going to the Appearance Menu, then altering the changes, even including drop shadows and backgrounds.

5. Binge with friends

Living in a Long distance relationship, or wanting to bingle episodes and movies with your favorite person living away from you, opt for a Netflix party to solve this problem.

It is one of the best ways to get connected and watch together without feeling down for living apart.

Just download Kast on your desktop or mobile device, launch it on Chrome, and you see a window that could be binged by multiple parties.

By enabling this window you get access to stream your favorite shows, movies, and lots more.

You can also generate a link to invite more people to join your stream, once you decide on the title to be watched and click “NP” appearing on the browser.

This will automatically generate a link that you can share with your friends. You see the chat sidebar once every join and show starts.

6. Binge Netflix originals for FREE

Do you know Netflix offers some free-to-watch Netflix originals? Yes, you heard right. FREE, but it could be a hack for people not having accounts on Netflix.

In that case, you could try using free Netflix accounts available online. It offers people to stream some Netflix originals that are totally free without signing up with their Netflix account. All you need to do is navigate to the Watch Free section and play the desirable show.


So this is the end to your guide on the best Netflix tips and tricks that can enhance your Netflix experience.

Some of these tricks will help you in enjoying more in the app itself more, while others will help you in binging a movie or a series with your friends or family. If you still have any queries about any tips mentioned above, feel free to comment.

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