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Aaron Lewis Slams Bruce Springsteen In Anti-Left Single, Internet Calls Him ‘Artistically Bankrupt’

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Aaron Lewis Slams Bruce Springsteen In Anti-Left Single, Internet Calls Him 'Artistically Bankrupt'

Aaron Lewis has at last delivered his new single ‘Am I the Only One’, which may seem like a Taylor Swift number about thoughtful yearning, yet is really an enemy of Left, Bruce Springsteen-despising song that sees the country rockstar look for confirmation that Aaron Lewis’s not by any means the only one abhorring the Left. The country ditty inclines with Lewis’ solid traditionalist qualities that he considers is genuine American nationalism and Aaron Lewis’s by all account not the only one with such solid ‘devoted’ suppositions. Under Lewis’ Twitter post declaring the tune, piles of ‘loyalists’ have accumulated to commend the verses and thank the vocalist for gift them with the melody. Another portion of Twitter, in any case, claims “s**t sucks”.

In his melody, Lewis explicitly gets down on left-wing activists, just as key figures throughout the entire existence of the American music industry. His hardest burrow is at Springsteen, for decrying previous POTUS Donald Trump openly, during the November 2020 US Presidential Elections. While many concurred in the answers, online media didn’t allow Lewis to fail to remember the raging of the US Capitol on January 6 recently. Neither did it avoid reminding Lewis that enclosing oneself by a flag doesn’t consider nationalism.

Lewis, one of the establishing individuals from the band Staind, delivered the single on Friday, July 2, to his near 100K adherents on Twitter. Committing it to “every one of the loyalists,” the vocalist’s verses opens with: “Am I the final straggler around evening time, shakin’ my head and figure’ something ain’t right/Is it just me, am I losing my brain, am I remaining on the edge toward the finish of time?”

Lewis’ verses then, at that point proceed, “Am I the one to focus on/Willin’ to drain/Or take a slug for being free/Screamin’ what the heck at my TV/For tellin’ me/Yeah you’re tellin’ me/That I’m the one to focus on/Willin’ to battle/For my adoration for the red and white/And the blue, burnin’ on the ground/Another sculpture comin’ down/In a town close to you/Watchin’ the strings of Old Glory come unraveled.” Then, endeavoring to conceal Springsteen, Lewis sings: “Am I the one to focus on/Who stops singin’ along/Everytime they play a Springsteen tune.”


First playing out the tune back in March at a performance show in Texas, Lewis told Blabbermouth: “I composed this next tune since I’m staying here as a 49-year-old dad of three watching a little small bunch of individuals annihilate the country that was given over to me by my progenitors — the country that my granddad and my uncles, they all battled for.”

Aaron Lewis added: “I watched the Joe Biden discourse a few days ago. I don’t have the foggiest idea why I do it, however I do. Also, I heard him recount the tale about this slaughter that occurred in Oklahoma quite a while past. Along these lines, I’d prefer to call attention to something that is clear yet nobody appears to bring it up or talk about it, that each bigoted law that is at any point been instituted, each scar on America was the Democrats. Every last bit of it. It’s there in the event that you proceed to look. Each bigoted law was thought of and casted a ballot through and consistently passed by f**king Democrats.”

Aaron Lewis performs during 2016 Windy City LakeShake Country Music Festival  in Chicago

Aaron Lewis performs during 2016 Windy City LakeShake Country Music Festival in Chicago

The Left that Lewis pummels in his tune, in any case, can’t help disagreeing. One of the highest and most famous answers to Lewis’ tweet connecting the video of the tune sees a client tweet back: “I trust you are ‘the only one’ who is qualified for such an extent that you’re dazed. The Left is enthusiastic as well. Contrast is Left is battling for TRUE opportunities: Freedom to settle on own wellbeing decisions, love who we need, be what our identity is, be ensured regardless of skin tone and vote without limitation.” Another ringed in with mockery, tweeting, “Remember the raging of the Capitol. How devoted.” Another cautioned Lewis: “Enclosing yourself by the flag won’t save you from God’s judgment. Atone for your transgressions or face the damnation.”

Normal answers as a response to the tune likewise included “Yo this is horrendous lmao,” and “This sucks ass.” Another client went to expound lengths to communicate their abhorrence for the tune, tweeting: “To get from a lyricist of value, ‘They say energy is the last shelter to which a heel sticks.’ Apparently it’s additionally the last asylum of the masterfully bankrupt.”


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