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9 Films About Students for Those Who are Tired of Everything



9 Films About Students for Those

The school year didn’t start long ago, but many students are already tired. We have a great cure for burnout: watch a film about students.

Our selection includes movies of different genres, but they all have an interesting storyline in common. A good evening is guaranteed, but don’t get too carried away otherwise you’ll have to turn to an essay writing service to get your homework done in time.

1. “Mona Lisa Smile”, 2003

1953, America, the prestigious Wellesley College for Women. There is a struggle for women’s rights, girls are trying to win their place in science, the workplace, and life in general. At this difficult time, art history teacher Kathryn Ann Watson gets a place in college and begins to teach the girls to believe in themselves, build a career and live as they want.

2. “Good Will Hunting”, 1997

Young Will works as a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and keeps getting into trouble. Nothing seems interesting, but then it turns out that he is a mathematical genius. The university campus atmosphere, the plot, the brilliant acting by Matt Damon and Robin Williams all make the movie great. The film collected a huge number of awards, including an Oscar for Best Screenplay, which went to the very young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

3. “Rudy”, 1993

This is a sports biographical drama about the life of the famous athlete Daniel Ruettiger, who went down in American soccer history under the nickname Rudy. Rudy is well known to American audiences, but this film can be viewed simply as an inspirational story about a student. “Rudy” made the list of the top 25 sports movies of the last 25 years — and for good reason.

4. “Dead Poets Society”, 1989

A great story about a great teacher that has inspired more than one educator and more than one student. The action takes place in a prestigious American academy, whose students meet a teacher of English and literature. His teaching methods are extremely unorthodox, and he is able to awaken interest among children not only in poetry but also in life in general. Robin Williams played an inimitable lead role, whose character is taken from the real teacher, a certain Sam Pickering, who taught at the school where the film’s author Tom Shulman studied.

5. “The Great Debaters”, 2007

The film is based on an article written about a debate team from Wiley College and its leader, Professor Melvin Tolson, who inspired his team to challenge the strongest team from Harvard for the debate championship. It would seem that what could be interesting about the debate? But no, the movie was exciting and morale-boosting. Just right for those who are tired of studying.

6. “St. Elmo’s Fire”, 1985

This is a nostalgic movie that will especially appeal to those about to graduate. “St. Elmo’s Lights” is the name of the bar where longtime friends, graduates of Georgetown University, meet. They have entered an adult life full of surprises in which there seems to be much less romance and university spontaneity. As they meet, they are nostalgic for their college years and their friendships.

7. “Kill Your Darlings”, 2013

A freestyle biography of the poet Allen Ginsberg, who enrols at Columbia University and there meets the local establishment. Future luminaries of American literature such as William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac appear in the film. The still unsophisticated Ginsberg gets into a tangled relationship with a certain rebel, Lucien Carr, a friendship with whom doesn’t seem to lead to anything good. The result is a somewhat dark but very atmospheric story of love, hate, and crime. It is not only a chronicle of the Beat Generation but also just a fascinating tale of young, perky, and lost students.

8. “Mistress America”, 2015

Director Noah Baumbach knows how to make simple but very realistic movies. That’s what “Mistress America” is, a brisk story about a young student who moves to New York, meets her older sister and gets into adventures with her. There are few scenes of studying, but plenty of New York, fancy places, talking about important things, and humour. A real movie about cool girls who conquer the big city. After all, the college years aren’t just about studying, are they?

9. “ L’étudiante “, 1988

Like almost all French films, this one is about love. It’s also about a wonderful time as a student. An ambitious student intends to concentrate on her upcoming exams, but a broken-down jazz musician with whom she falls in love interferes with her plans. Two opposing worlds collide, and young Valentina tries to understand for herself what true love is, how to combine study and ardent feelings, how to set priorities in life, and how to live in general. Starring the charming Sophie Marceau, the film is full of charm and sensuality. It’s dedicated to all students in love.


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