Effective Strategies of Learning a Foreign Language

Effective Strategies of Learning a Foreign Language




Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task. Every language has it’s own set of rules and every language is truly complex. But, the process of learning can be fun and exciting, even when challenging.

 Learning a foreign language is best done with the natives. Explore the people, place and culture of the language you are learning. This is definitely the best way to absorb the information.

 Every individual has his or her own learning processes. Some of us are better at visual learning, some at reading and some have better listening skills than others. Our brains do not all function exactly the same way, so effective methods may vary from person to person.

 Even native speakers rarely use their language perfectly. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Embrace the challenge and check out the following tips to enhance your own foreign language experience.



When travel is not in your budget, use the Internet. There are numerous organizations and groups available that will connect you with native speakers. Live Mocha is an effective way to converse with millions of people from all over the world who are willing to help.


Stop crushing candies on your phone and use it for your education! There are tons of free apps available that can help with learning a new language. Practice your vocabulary and pronunciation with apps like iTranslate and frommers.


Reach out and connect with native speakers. Try to practice writing, chatting and listening to understand the social aspects of any language. Make friends and use them as a valued source. Ask them questions, engage in interactive learning processes and if you can’t find any native speakers close by, check out Mixxer (it’s a free website with an effective language exchange program). If you are not sure about your grammar skills, you can use Papersgear or Plagtracker, online sources for proofreading and editing your writing.


For the more specific and more advanced parts of language, professionals can be best way to learn. If you cannot attend a class or find a personal tutor try InstaEDU. It’s free to try and can help you find the right tutor for you in the language of your choice.


Throw yourself out there. Put yourself in social situations where you can practice what you have learned. There is no better place to absorb a language than smack in the middle of its people. Search for cultural events nearby and mix you passions for optimum results. Take an art class in Italian or a cooking class in French. Whichever language you are attempting to learn, make sure you get out of the classroom (or away from your computer) to monitor your own progress.

 The best advice anyone can receive when learning a foreign language is to keep trying and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s not an easy task. Learning a language as an adult is overwhelming. Our brains are already trained in a certain way and our language is such a natural part of our existence.

 But learning a language is possible and can greatly enhance personal relationships and careers. Connect with the world, expand your education and learn a new language today. With these tips and resources you can achieve even the most difficult of goals.


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