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The 10 Best Venture Capital Firms | You Should Know



The 10 Best Venture Capital Firms | You Should Know

Venture capitals are basically when investors put money in small businesses and startups that show potential to build them up as a long-term investment. In this guide, we will be counting down the 10 best venture capital firms in the game today. Make sure to check each one out so that you can make the most out of your venture capital firm exploration.

Tiger Global Market

Tiger Global Market invests in private companies like Facebook, Square,, Ctrip, Flipkart, Justdial, and even Netshoes. They globally deploy capital into major companies and private firms that have almost 10 years of projections for their investments, and growth-oriented major companies

Kleiner Perkins

This company focuses its investments on hardware and software. They are known as a late-stage growth company that has investments in healthcare, mobile phones, and even the internet. They have over one thousand one hundred investments worldwide, if you are willing and looking for an investment capital firm that can handle your late growth, make sure to check them out.

Founders Fund

Founders Fund was established in the 70s and is based in San Francisco. They focus on growing companies in need of a financial bailout. This Venture capital firm takes pride in investing any and all to growing industries that are still growing out on their own.

Index Ventures

This firm was founded in 1996 and has offices in London, Geneva, and even London. They make you the top priority. If your company’s going through late growth phases, They could definitely be for you.

GGV Capital

They are known to focus on companies that are still in their expansion stage at the moment. They can be found in Menlo Park, California.

Intel Capital

If you’re looking for a fresher look, this is one of the younger venture capital firms on this list. Their investments have been focused on artificial intelligence and communication. They almost have one thousand seven hundred investments worldwide with thirty-four percent of them have become lead investors and their turnaround time is definitely something notable.

Bessemer Venture

This Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital firm has offices all over the world, including Boston, Israel, and even India. They have made over nine hundred investments so far, with almost two hundred of them successfully. They were founded in the early seventies and have definitely become a big factor in the industry.

Sequoia Capital

One of the older entries in this list, this company was founded back in 1972. They invest in multiple businesses that are both newly started and are in the growing phases. Recently they have been focusing their investments on things like mobile phones, finances, and even internet companies.

Khosla Ventures

They are based in Menlo, California. They have over seven hundred diversified investments, and ninety-six of them have moved on to the IPO stage. The majority of their investments are based in the United States and China, though they are sixteen years old, they have been doing great things in the Venture Capital world.


M13 venture capital firm takes care of everything for their investors and investments, they have multiple platforms and countless investments that are now functioning IPOs. Definitely a company you have to check out if you are looking for successful venture capital firms or advice on the matter.

After going through this list, you are now well equipped with an idea for adventure firms that you just have to check out when you are scoping a venture capital firm for you. Make the right choices and you will definitely not regret going through this list and checking each of them out.

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