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Thai Government Lists Three Types of Businesses that Can Reopen



Thai Government, Businesses that can reopen

As the coronavirus situation in Thailand gradually improves, the Thai Government has approved the limited reopening of three types of businesses. This comes after Thailand has seen the number of new cases below 10 for three days in a row.

Below are a list of businesses allowed to reopen as of May1st, 2020.

The first are;

Businesses which provide life’s basic necessities including non-air conditioned barber shops, wet markets and open-air food shops.

The second type;

Are those with a large customer base and have an impact on the economy, such as shopping malls, restaurants and Thai massage parlors.

The third type;

Are those which help to improve health, such as fitness centres, gyms and spas.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said that, after four months of fighting COVID-19, the country has achieved a certain level of success in controlling the disease. Adding that the businesses which do reopen must strictly observe social distancing and anti-viral measures.

The Government also approved a plan to increase testing among high-risk groups. From 2,000 per 1,000,000 of the population to 5,000. Above in order to find those infected before they can spread the disease, Thai PBS reports

People at high-risk include medical personnel, new prison inmates, workers who are in constant contact with many people, such as bus drivers, ticket collectors and postmen.

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