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Google’s New Head of Marketing Wants to Help Thai Businesses Get Noticed Online



Pete Nuchanatanon, Google Thailand

Pete Nuchanatanon, Google Thailand


BANGKOK – The new head of marketing at Google Thailand, Pete Nuchanatanon, has set a goal to help people, businesses and consumers get the most out of going online by using Google’s products and services.

Pete, 34, who assumed his position in January, is the second person to be in charge of marketing, following Pornthip Kongchun. He oversees and manages Google’s national marketing efforts across all products and brand campaigns.

He promotes all Google products and services to businesses and people so that they will use them to enhance their business’ competitiveness and their quality of life.

Pete has four main focuses: helping one-third of people to surf the Internet, helping people to benefit from Google’s innovations, increasing local contents and helping more local businesses to build a presence online.

Google offers 45 services here, but this year, he will emphasize two: Google Search and YouTube. He will also focus on Google Maps, Google Translate and Google Mobile.

“The four main tasks are correlated. Our role is to get the rest of Thais to go online and to recognize the benefit of the Internet, while getting Thai businesses to have an online presence.

“Especially, only 10 per cent of Thai small and medium enterprises are online. Our task is to help 90 per cent of them to be online and benefit from being online. How good it will be if 100 per cent of companies can reach 100 per cent of customers who are searching for their products and services,” he said.

Google Search will help people benefit more from Google AdWords, Google AdSense and Google Trends. About 20 per cent of searches are for new information for which people are looking.

Google’s services can help businesses and people learn the exact trends in information in which people are interested, what they are looking for and what they are talking about.

“Our teams are increasing. Our teams expanded 2.5 times in only three months. We have a head taking care of each of my four focuses.

“For example, Google Trends is an important tool for businesses to know exactly the online trends with in-depth information. Businesses can use this information for free to analyse data for serving their business.

“Google has dedicated teams and partners to provide assistance, help and consulting. Google’s partners have tripled,” he said.

Two trends are expected: Internet penetration is going to reach 100 per cent and advertising spending is continuing to grow from 5.5 per cent last year to nearly the same as China and the United Kingdom, where digital advertising spending is 20 per cent and 50 per cent of total advertising spending, respectively.

“We see the positive trends. Also, the government’s digital economy is accelerating this trend,” he said.

This year, Google will roll out a lot more marketing campaigns and activities to promote both focused products and services, and new services. Next month, it will hold marketing activities for YouTube to celebrate its first anniversary here.

Pete’s knowledge of Thai consumers may be the critical point in his selection as Google’s head of marketing in the Thai market. He said he went through six interviews in three months to get this job.

“They asked me what the opportunities for Google in Thailand are and what Thais need,” he said.

Pete has never been in the technology field before. His 12 years of work experience have been in the consumer business. He started his career in advertising and consulting for six years before joining P&G as the country marketing manager for all brands and categories for hair, skin, fabric and home, and grooming, for Thailand and Asean. Pete has also worked with Lowe and Brandscape and has a deep understanding of brands with over 10 years of leadership experience.

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