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How to Get Started with Bitcoin Faucets



How to Get Started with Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin Faucets: While almost everybody knows about cryptocurrencies today, it was necessary to promote this technology earlier.

One of the ways of spreading the word about Bitcoins and other cryptos was through websites that give away free tokens. To be fair, many of such sites were a scam.

However, there are still websites that offer tokens and fractures of coins in return for completing certain tasks instead of paying money.

This type of website is called a Bitcoin faucet. Read along to learn more about crypto faucets and how to get started with them.

What Are Cryptocurrency Faucets?

A crypto faucet or a Bitcoin faucet specifically is a website or an application that offers small digital currency rewards in exchange for completing a variety of tasks.

Some faucets offer small rewards completely for free, and users can grab them after a certain period. To increase the amount of BTC earned, it is possible to wager tokens and collect bigger prizes.

For example, users can collect free Bitcoins and other tokens at TrustDice as a part of the no deposit bonus after signing up on the website.

Getting Started with the Bitcoin Faucet

It is very simple to get started with a Bitcoin faucet website. Before you start crash gambling and playing other games, it is necessary to register on the site. Here is how you create a new user account:

· Click on the “Sign Up” button that you can find at the top of the main page.

· Write down your username, e-mail address, and a strong password.

· Agree to the terms and conditions.

· Click on the Create Account button to finish the process.

This is how you can start a new user profile easily. Next, you can start claiming your rewards. On the Faucet page, it is possible to claim free BTC every six hours by simply clicking on the Claim button. Withdrawing funds is also simple. Here is how you do it:

· Click on the “Deposit” option.

· Find the “Withdraw” tab.

· Choose the necessary currency, enter the recipient’s BTC address and the amount you want to withdraw.

· Complete the transaction.

To withdraw tokens, you need to earn them first. Players can enjoy games like Bitcoin dice and gamble at the live casino to earn much bigger BTC prizes.

Sports betting is also available on this website. Every user can enjoy small and free BTC bonuses or gamble to win more.

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