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Creating Your Own NFTs Is Much Easier Than You Used to Think




NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, get so much attention today. It isn’t unexpected since the technology has moved further, and now any media files can be sold as an NFT for millions of dollars. The previous year proved that NFTs are the next big thing. So how do you make your own NFT?

How to Define NFTs Correctly

NFTs are virtual assets with unique identities held in the blockchain ledger. Due to this scarcity, these tokens can only have one owner at a time and can be sold by creators or owners at the desired rate.

Non fungible tokens are produced with cryptography technology. Minting requires payment for smart contracts, and code pieces that make blockchain stores information safely and openly. Anybody with a small starting capital can mint through popular tools offered by NFT marketplaces.

A Few Steps to Take to Design Your Own NFT

Artists turn anything into an NFT, — from an image to a real-life item such as a museum ticket. So, for a start, try to:

1. First, define the type of NFT you’re going to create.

All NFTs should have exceptional value for their audiences. Think what value you can give, work from the sphere you’re already in, and how it will catch up. For instance, as a businessman, you can sell a creative promo code or an exclusive item.

2. Creating custom art.

This step is vital as it will determine how the NFT will be perceived. Artistic abilities and vision are a plus here and digital design tools. Perhaps, this will turn out very long, but the result will be worth it. Hiring a designer will do.

3. Pick a marketplace to sell NFT.

We advise choosing between the widely recommended and proven platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, etc. However, pay attention that many of them let you do the ‘lazy’ minting where you can skip some fees and put an NFT for sale quicker. If you want a bigger strategy for promoting your NFTs, consult experts at to know how to stir up the audience’s interest in your artwork.

Consider what we called here a ‘starting capital’: at OpenSea, for example, you will need to pay nearly 100 USD to create an account.

4. Set up a crypto wallet.

Choose any wallet compatible with blockchain and a chosen NFT marketplace to keep your coins and NFTs there.

5. Purchase crypto at a trusted exchange.

For mining NFTs, one will often need Ethereum (ETH) or Solana (SOL). Of course, this depends on the blockchain you mint your token on.

6. Get your crypto wallet connected to the NFT platform.

This is simply done through the ‘Connect wallet’ button on most platforms. At this point, give the marketplace permission to monitor your accounts and agree to terms of use.

Next, click ‘Create’ and choose between making one or many copies of your NFT. Next, upload the file you will mint as an NFT. What is most important here is that you should specify how you want the NFT to sell: after or while minting it (it isn’t compulsory to put it on sale while still minting). After this, add the relevant description of the item or collection and mention the percentage of royalties you would like to get from secondary NFT sales.

7. Approve the transaction in your crypto wallet.

This includes paying gas fees for contract integration, confirming, and actually minting the new token.

8. Sign a sell order with a click on ‘Sign’ in the wallet.

That is all! The newly minted NFT will pop up in the list of your items. Then, you’re good to go further with creating other NFTs and successful sales.


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