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Bitcoin Dice Tips for Better Results



Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice is a fast-paced, exciting game with the potential to earn you big money. However, it is also one of the riskiest online games you can play. Unlike online slots, blackjack, and other casino games that are carefully balanced to give the house a small but consistent advantage, bitcoin dice have no house edge.

This means there is no built-in mechanism for keeping your losses at a minimum. There is also little skill involved in this game. There is no way to anticipate the outcome of each roll and no way to affect it either. All you can do is place your bet and hope for the best. If you want to increase your chances of winning as much as possible, here are five top tips.

1. Don’t Play too Long Without a Break

One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing bitcoin dice is to know when to stop. If you play for too long without taking a break, greed can set in, and you can end up playing past the point where it’s fun.

You might also be more likely to make bad decisions when tired or under pressure to keep earning. This can lead to playing past the point where you are comfortable and risking more than you can afford. It’s important to take regular breaks from playing.

Ideally, you should take one break every hour. Make sure that you are fully rested and refreshed before going back to playing. An extra hour of sleep might not seem like much, but it can make all the difference in how you play and how much you risk.

2. Set a Stop-loss and Stick to It

Another important tip for anyone playing bitcoin dice is setting a stop-loss. A stop-loss is a predetermined amount of money that you will lose before you stop playing.

The idea behind it is twofold. One, you will avoid playing past the point where you are comfortable, and two, you will have a clear exit strategy in case things don’t go your way. Note that if you are playing on a site that supports stop-losses, it’s important to set it at the right amount.

You don’t want to set it too low and miss out on potential profits and you don’t want to set it too high and risk losing the game before it even starts. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to set your stop-loss at around 2X the maximum bet size.

3. Don’t Play at Shady or Unknown Sites

Unfortunately, bitcoin gambling is plagued by scams, poor customer service, and low payouts. Some bitcoin dice sites have reputations so bad that they are nicknamed “fly by night” sites.

They only last a few months before shutting down and vanishing without a trace. There are also many sites with poor reviews and low payouts. They might look legit on the surface, but scammers run them. In order to avoid playing at these sites, it is important to do your research.

Start by checking out these bitcoin dice reviews, and make sure to read the comments. It is also good to check out forums and other community sites to see what people are saying about their experiences with the different sites. You must check out the best Btc dice sites in the latest article shared by mercury news.

4. Don’t Gamble More Than you Can Afford to Lose

If you gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose, you will likely lose it. There is no way to guarantee that you will win. Furthermore, you increase the risk of crossing the line between enjoying a game and feeling pressured to keep playing past the point where you are comfortable.

While there is no way to know how much you will win or lose when playing bitcoin dice, you can use a few different methods to ballpark your potential earnings. For example, you can use the “rule of thumb” method: 1 hour of playtime = 1 hour of winnings, 2 hours of playtime = 2 hours of winnings, etc.

Alternatively, you can use the Kelly method to calculate your estimated winnings.

5. Bet Smart With Math Instead of Your Gut Feeling

One more important thing to keep in mind when playing bitcoin dice. Don’t bet based on your gut feeling. Instead, use some simple math to help you make a smarter decision.

The first thing to do is to calculate your expected return. This is the total amount of money you expect to win over a certain period of time. For example, if you bet 0.001 BTC and expect to win 0.00105 BTC in return, your expected return is 0.00105 BTC.

Next, calculate your risk. This is the maximum amount of money that you can potentially lose. Again, using the above example, if your maximum bet is 0.001 BTC and you could potentially lose 0.00095 BTC. As a result, your risk is 0.00095 BTC.

Finally, use this information to help you make a smarter decision. In this case, your expected return is higher than your risk, so you should play. However, if your risk is higher than your expected return, you should walk away.


Like everything else in life, Bitcoin gambling can have its ups and downs. The good news is that bitcoin gambling sites are getting better. They have to because more and more players are trying to squeeze a little more money out of every roll of the dice than they used to.

The only way that they can do that successfully is by getting better and better at making their games fair, exciting, and profitable. When you play Bitcoin dice, you have to be willing to take a big chance.

You don’t know what you are going to get when you roll the dice, but you have to hope that you get more than you are betting on. If you want to win more money, make sure that you get smart with math instead of your gut feeling.


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