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Are Platforms like Gate.io Making Cryptocurrency Easier to Access?

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Gate.io gives customers the opportunity to trade in a large number of cryptocurrency and derivative products using an innovative user interface with low trading costs.

A huge selection of coins offered by platforms like Gate.io, for example enables customers to trade hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs like USD, BTC, and ETH. Gate.io supports approximately 670 markets against the USD, 89BTC, and 520 ETH markets including some of the most popular coins in the market.

As indicated in the gate.io review– one of the main benefits that traders enjoy from Gate.io is its huge selection of crypto coins.

Gate.io requires users to fund their accounts with crypt coins only. Users then trade their coins in a variety of forms, such as spot and margin trading, ETFs, 5ETFs (Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds), loan contracts, perpetual contracts, futures, callable bull/bear contracts, and warrants.

1—Margin trading

With the booming cryptocurrency market, investors are interested in maximizing their profits while trading on digital asset platforms. Marginal trading is a tool that multiplies the power of investors’ trading decisions.

Gate.io has enabled its users to apply 3x margin trading leverage to their investments in DDOS/USDT pair. This kind of leverage offered allows investors at Gate.io to use their borrowed assets to get 3 times more profits within the same period.

The margin trading feature boosts the functionality and attractiveness of DDOS as a trading instrument in crypto coins. With the feature, investors can diversify their investment portfolio so that DDOS can get additional liquidity.

2—Trading with bot

Automated bots are very important in cryptocurrency trading. Bots perform quick trades without much intervention by the users; these applications play a big role for traders who would like to take advantage of any market opportunity that comes along in the market. Bots simply helps traders to trade their currencies according to their required specifications.

Gate.io’s application programming interface (API) keys enables users to trade using bots. The program allows third-party applications to interact with their backend interface without compromising traders’ confidential information.

The application’s keys further open doors for other development companies and teams to create crypto bots that can work with Gate.io. Users only need to make sure that their application is coming from a reputable source, with required functionalities to trade.

Exploring a number of automated options to make substantial trades or possible profits comes at a cost for traders. Although some bots may come with trial options, they still remain limited to some trading amount or some specific timeframe. Users will therefore be required to purchase a subscription to be able to unlock full trading features.

3—Trading ETFs

Through ETF trading, Gate.io offers investors an easy and quick way of getting involved in financial markets without having to worry about making too many complex decisions by themselves. With ETFs, traders only have to decide what ETF they would like to invest in, the rest is out of their hands until when they want to sell their position in a given ETF.

ETFs are focused on a given industry, class of asset and other categories, and more short-term traders will find it ideal for quickly creating a diversified portfolio and taking advantage of quicker price movements.

With a lot of money and activity within the ETF market, traders will find it easier trading with some of the popular ETFs. The good thing for traders is the staggering number of ETFs available to choose from, this covers a wide array of asset classes including equities and bonds.

Traders can narrow down their scope of trade to their preferred ETFs based on factors like geographic area, a commodity, style of investment, sector etc. new ATFs being introduced into the market on a regular basis come with innovative ideas and approaches that trader can explore.

4—Gate.io App

Gate.io, through its Gate.io mobile trading app, offers users the opportunity to trade digital assets from anywhere and at any time. The app’s functionality is much similar to the desktop trading versions where traders can enter into positions and be able to get live updates regarding the trades on the go.

5—Relatively lower charges

Gate.io increases the accessibility of cryptocurrency services to customers by offering user-friendly charges. Gate.io stands out as the cheapest exchange for customers trading with coins like USDT and ETH or TRX. Users can trade large volumes of bitcoin and altcoins at relatively cheaper charges.

Most active traders are rewarded with useful trading fee discounts. And besides the volume-tier discount, Gate.io customers are entitled to a point plan discount for trading fees. For instance, one can get one USDT trading fee deduction for every point they own.

This makes trading in cryptocurrency more attractive to users. Customers can purchase their points through their users Gate.io wallet section using their USDT tokens.

Customers are granted the opportunity to trade and undertake other cryptocurrency exchanges at cheap charges at Gate.io. Traders of all walks of life find a safe and secure business environment to exchange their cryptocurrency coins.

6—Design and usability

Gate.io has a relatively simple and easy to use interface, just like other platforms like Binance and kuCoin which facilitate trade in cryptocurrency. Users find it easy to navigate through different sections of the Gate.io site, although the various features can be overwhelming to users at first.

Right from the menu, users can directly access cryptocurrency markets, lending, and borrowing, margin trading, financial services, perpetual contracts trading and wallets overview or the IEO platform. By easily navigating through the main menu, users can find the markets using the search function. And by simply scrolling the markets tab on the right side of the screen, users can straight-forwardly switch from market to market.

Gate.io makes it super easy for anyone wanting to participate in the IEO as there are no extra requirements from investors beyond the basic KYC check, thereafter, traders are set to go and can quickly invest in the hottest cryptocurrency projects in the market.

If you are a starting trader, Gate.io offers you a perpetual contract’s testnet before trading for the real money. And to anyone encountering any trouble at Gate.io, there is always a responsive customer live chat to guide.

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