A Comprehensive Guide for CryptoPunks NFT



Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that can only be found on blockchains, namely Ethereum, and cannot be copied. This is so that they can be distinguished from other tokens by the distinctive metadata that has been programmed into each of these tokens.

In addition to giving the tokens a distinctive identity, the coded data supports ownership verification and authentication of NFTs as well as token transfers between owners. CryptoPunk has one of the largest market capitalization approximately 2 billion dollars among the diverse spectrum of NFTs.

So, we will be going down to grasp the concept relating to CryptoPunks and how they vary from other NFTs generally. If you want to know more about bitcoin, then you can go to the automated trading bot and take reference from there.

NFT CryptoPunks

In June 2017, CryptoPunks was created by Larva Labs, a two-person development team made up of Matt Hall and John Watkinson. They have contributed to a variety of projects, including digital design, art, online infrastructure, mobile games, and utilities. The group based its pixelated character generator on the London punk scene, cyberpunk literature, and video games.

The 24×24 pixel art images produced by the CryptoPunks NFTs have been generated algorithmically. As the name implies, the bulk of them is punk-style figures. However, there are also some unusual ones, such as apes, zombies, and even aliens. There are now 24 apes, 88 zombies, and 9 aliens present. Each punk has a profile page that describes their traits, possessions, and whether they are for sale or not.

But What Distinguishes CryptoPunks NFTs From Other NFTs?

The three major factors to consider when figuring out an NFT’s intrinsic value are its distinctiveness, community, and function as a digital flex. The value of an NFT also changes based on the asset it represents and whether it is kept for a short or long time.


Another new name, PFP NFTs, was coined as the trend of showing NFTs on social media platforms grew. The connection between digital image NFTs and social media profile photos was made when Twitter started allowing users to verify whether they held the NFTs related to their images. Having stated that, you must be wondering how to buy CryptoPunks NFTs. Let us now go to a step-by-step look at the purchasing process for CryptoPunks.

Where To Buy CryptoPunks NFT

To buy an NFT on an NFT marketplace, you must first create a crypto wallet, for example, MetaMask. Since your wallet has a unique address on the blockchain, anybody may examine its contents, but only you can access and use it.

The CryptoPunks NFT Hype

CryptoPunks NFTs were among the original Profile Picture projects (PFPs), which are currently the most popular kind of NFT, even if it wasn’t the first NFT on Ethereum. However, CryptoPunks also has a few other key selling factors, like its originality, community, and function as a virtual flex.

CryptoPunks benefited from the increase in desire for artifacts driven by the COVID-19 epidemic as well as the rising acceptance of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain projects. The circumstances were favorable for a price increase. Supply and demand are the final determining factors in the price of CryptoPunks NFTs images. Investors in NFT must evaluate if they think the market will continue to rise or have risen considering that production is regulated.


Indeed, NFTs will turn out to be revolutionary. They need to use several strategies and draw in investors to make this forecast come true. Some CryptoPunks NFTs will become well-known works of art given that some of them have been offered for sale. This might lead to further bids for popular NFTs and those who support the tech-art initiative are more likely to already be aware of it.


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