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Zambian Woman Arrested at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport after X-Rays Reveal Over 80 Condoms of Heroin in Her Stomach

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BANGKOK – A Woman from Zambia was arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok airport, on Sunday after an x-ray showed she had 88 condoms filled with heroin inside her stomach.

The suspect, traveling under Zambian passport, had flown to Kenya where she caught Kenya Airways flight to Bangkok, where she was scheduled to transfer to a flight to Beijing.

Miss Dube Mimengaloso was detained by Airport customs police and after a search of her luggage came up empty she was subjected to an x-ray, which revealed her stomach contained approximately 80 pellets.

Upon discharge customs officials reported she had swallowed 88 condoms containing 1.16 kilos of heroin.

The Thai authorities were sure that Thailand was just a transit point for the Zambian woman who had an onward ticket to Beijing.

She has been handed over to the drug authorities for prosecution

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