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Young Photographer Admits to Attempted Rape of Swimsuit Model

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Photographer, Swimsuit Model, Police

An 18-year-old photographer turned himself in at a Chonburi Police Station for trying to molest a swimsuit model during a photo shoot on Thursday (July 2). The incident came to light when the model, 19, posted her experience on Facebook. She explaining how she managed to escape sexual assault and filed a report at the police station.

The photographer showed up later to meet the investigators and confessed to all accusations, before he was charged with attempting to rape.

Photographer got turned on by young model

Photographer, Swimsuit Model, Police

The photographer said he had been turned on while taking photographs of the model posing in the swimming pool and that he had no intentions to hurt the victim.

The swim suit model said the photographer showed up while she was changing clothes in the bathroom, and tried to rape her, but fled when someone walked by and she screamed for help.

He later reportedly sent her a text later saying he could not control himself, Asia One reports.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Pol Maj Gen Ittipon Atchariyapradit has ordered police to investigate the alleged rape of a student from one of Bangkok’s most prestigious universities. Above all after the story went viral on Twitter.

A Twitter user posted details of the alleged attack on a female student by a taxi driver as she returned to her home in Bangkok. The report triggered outrage among netizens.

The post said the incident took place in the jurisdiction of Mueang Samut Prakan Police Station. However the victim did not notify the police.

Police stations nearby the scene of the alleged crime have been tasked with investigating to find out whether there is truth to the allegation. Police Maj Gen Ittipon also asked the victim to report the incident to local police. Above all so that she could help them with their investigation he said.

Drunk Thai soldier shoots police officer

Photographer, Swimsuit Model, Police

A police officer was shot in the chest as he tried to pull an inebriated soldier out of the vehicle. The drunk soldier also fired at and injured a bystander in Chonburi on Friday (July 3).

Chonburi Police learned of the incident at 2am and showed to up find police officer Rit-rong Yasawut, 33, fatally injured. Inebriated soldier sergeant Jirat Katanyoo, 23, was lying next to him.

Also nearby was bystander Adun Chansaeng, 50, nursing a gun wound on his right arm. Also the soldier’s girlfriend Sutthina Wuttichai, 23. She told police that Jirat was drunk before driving, which resulted in the car flipping.

Officer Rit-rong then showed up to try and rescue him, but Jirat began firing at him, Thai Media reported.

Tragically the police officer succumbed to his injuries at Hospital, where the other two were also taken for treatment.

Police believe Jirat may have drunk so much that he started hallucinating that the rescuer was coming to attack him. Regardless, Jirat has been charged of murder.


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