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Yemen Man Busted for Framing His Thai Girlfriend for Drug Trafficking

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BANGKOK – Police in Thailand have arrested a man from Yemen on charges for framing his former Thai girlfriend on drug trafficking charges.

Immigration Pol Lt-General Sompong Chingduang told Thai media on Thursday police arrested of Adnun Ali Nassaur, 43 from Yemen.

He was arrested under two arrest warrants for allegedly hiring Thai accomplices to frame his ex-girlfriend for drug trafficking. Police obtained the arrest warrants following months of investigation.

His Ex Ms.Wilawan and her relative were earlier arrested in two drug cases before police later dropped the charges.

Nassaur was arrested at a house in Tambon Tatum in Surin’s Sangkha district.

Four of alleged Thai accomplices have been arrested while another is still being sought.

Stetting Up Ex-Girlfriend for Drug Trafficking


On January 21, Wilawan’s relative, Udon, was arrested in Surin while driving a pickup truck owned by Wilawan.

Police checked the pickup following a tip-off and found 135 meth pills in a plastic bag hanging on the back of the pickup.

Udon denied any knowledge of the drug, saying four men who sought his help to pull their vehicle a day earlier, might have planted the drug there.

In February, Ms.Wilawan was arrested in Phuket and 55 meth pills were found hidden in her bag.

Wilawan said the drug must have been planted by her ex- boyfriend Nassaur.

She said Nassaur became angry after they separated and he tried to sue her for the return of some assets but he lost the court case.

Wilawan said the Nassaur invited her to meet him again in February, promising to give her Bt500,000 and to see if they could be reunited.

Instead he gave her only Bt28,000 and they separated, she was arrested while taking a taxi to the Phuket airport to fly back home.

Police conducted an investigation and found evidence that Nassaur had plotted two drug planting cases and obtained arrest warrants for him.

Source: The Nation

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