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Woman’s Body Found off Ranong, Police Believe the Woman Could be Caucasian



Kusoldharm Foundation rescuers prepare to bring the body ashore today
Photo by phuketwan


PHUKET – An Indonesian  trawler captain has brought the body of a woman found at sea to Phuket today, sparking a riddle about her identity and whether she could be a Westerner.

The Phuketwan has reported that the Phuket City police believe the woman could be Caucasian, they describe the woman as 170-180cm tall, 40-50 years old, wearing a green shirt and brown underwear.

A crew member on the  fishing vessel, Chung Sheng Man told Phuket Police officers upon coming ashore at Rassada pier that the body had been found off Ranong – a port on the Thai-Burmese border that is popular with visa runners from Phuket.

Fisherman, Ali, 49, said that the trawler had left Phuket two months ago to fish for tuna, off Victoria Point in Burma (Myanmar) on November 30 a member of the crew sighted a woman’s body, floating in the water.

The captain of the vessel tried to contact Burmese officials about the body and then headed on his way, however he was struck down by severe headaches, Ali said, so, fearing supernatural interference, he returned to pick up the body.

The headaches disappeared, Ali said, after the woman’s body was placed in an icebox and brought to Phuket.

Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation rescue workers took the woman’s body to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

By Sert Tongdee

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